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Michele Bloch

Information on Michele Bloch of the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences is virtually nonexistent. She may be related to Erich Bloch of the Lasker Foundation-associated Washington Advisory Group, and/or to Richard Bloch, for whom a building at the National Cancer Institute is named. In 1989, she was Program Officer, Smoking Control Advocacy Resource Center (SCARC), at Michael Pertschuk's Advocacy Institute.

SCARC Action Alert, Aug. 21, 1989 / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp)

Michele Bloch was a co-author of the 1993 anti-smoking summit conference report, "Tobacco Use: An American Crisis," Final Conference Report and Recommendations From America's Health Community.

1993 Anti-Smoking Summit / UCSF (pdf, 52 pp)

"The American Medical Women's Association Education Initiatives. Tobacco Control: Continuing Medical Education... Funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, physicians leaders Michele Bloch, MD, PhD, and Sally Faith Dorfman, MD, were responsible for the development of a continuing medical education program, Smoking Cessation: Women Physician [sic] Making a Difference in Their Patients [sic] Lives. AMWA, together with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, has trained 13 physician trainers in smoking cessation intervention techniques."

Education Initiatives / AMWA

Michele Bloch "served as Chair of AMWA's Tobacco Control Subcommittee for many years."

Awards / AMWA

"Session Abstract - Funding for ATOD research at the National Institutes of Health." With Michele Bloch, Harold Perl, and Lucinda Miner. "The overall goal of this session is to increase the ability of researchers, both new and experienced, to secure funding for research and training from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The session will focus primarily on research and training within the alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) field, with a special emphasis on assisting researchers from public health disciplines... The first presentation will provide an overview of the NIH and its numerous Institutes and Centers. It will consider in more detail the three Institutes that provide the majority of federal funding for ATOD research: the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)..." (American Public Health Association 129th Annual Meeting, 2001 Oct 21.)

NIH ATOD funding / APHA

Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 19th Annual Graduate Summer Institute of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, June 18 - July 6, 2001. A One Week Session on Tobacco Control June 18-22, 2001. Instructors: Marion Ceraso, Jonathan Samet and Allyn Taylor. Invited lecturers include Michele Bloch of the NCI.

JHU 2001 session on tobacco control / Globalink

Michele Bloch is the contact for NIH grants to scrutinize the tobacco documents for pretexts to make trumped-up accusations against the tobacco industry.

To The Federal Tobacco Lawsuit

Richard A. Bloch

With his older brother Henry, he founded the tax preparation firm H&R Bloch. In 1980, he and his wife founded the RA Bloch Cancer Management Center at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. "Dick conceived of a computer program which the National Cancer Institute has implemented under the name "PDQ" for "Physicians Data Query... The government named the building housing this program in Bethesda, MD, the RA Bloch International Cancer Information Center. Most government issued cancer information emanates from this building."

About the Authors / Bloch Cancer Foundation

Richard Bloch was a member of the National Cancer Advisory Board in 1984. (Bloch presses for PDQ promotion to public; NCAB says physicians only. The Cancer Letter 1984 Feb 17;10(7):4-5.)

Cancer Letter, 1984 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)

Erich Bloch

Erich Bloch is a principal of the Lasker-associated Washington Advisory Group, a consulting firm that has directed tobacco settlement money to cronies in high-tech at the University of Michigan (the Michigan Life Sciences Research Corridor Initiative).

Bloch bio / Washington Advisory Group (pdf, 1p)

Bloch was educated in electrical engineering at the Federal Polytechnic Institute of Zurich, Switzerland, and received a BS from the University of Buffalo in 1952. Vice President for Technical Personnel Development at IBM Corporation in the 1950s; elected Vice President of IBM in 1981. Chairman of the Semiconductor Research Cooperative, "a group of leading computer and electronics firms that fund advanced research in universities and shares the results." Director of the National Science Foundation, 1984-1990. He is on the advisory boards of AMP, Ford, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Pacific Northwest Laboratory, and was on the boards of directors of Motorola and Convex Computer Corp.

Bloch biography / California Council on Science and Technology

Nomination of Erich Bloch to be director of the National Science Foundation by President Ronald Reagan, June 6, 1984, notes that he was born in Salzburg, Germany in 1925, and became a US citizen in 1953.

Bloch nomination / Reagan Presidential Library

Bloch is on the External Advisory Council of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which was established in 1986.

About NCSA
NCSA External Advisory Council

"When the first draft of the Rensselaer Plan is presented for review by the university community, it will have first been shaped by recommendations from faculty, staff, and students. But perspectives from the outside -- from some of the country's most knowledgeable experts in higher education and scientific research -- will also help shape the new strategic plan. Those perspectives will come from the Washington Advisory Group, an internationally respected consulting firm that includes" Erich Bloch, Edward E. David, Frank Press, and Frank H.T. Rhodes. [Probably the true situation is a blueprint from the WAG, with miscellaneous criticisms by the "university community." -cast] (Top National Advisors Help With the Rensselaer Plan. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Review, Nov. 5, 1999.)

National Advisors / RPI Review 1999

Bloch is on the Board of Trustees of the Internet2 Council: "Researchers at US and Canadian university hospitals are testing a new computing grid built to make huge quantities of mammography data, and tools for analyzing it, instantly available to authorized physicians... The project is funded by the National Library of Medicine..."


Eric Bloch was a director of Motorola Inc. in 1994. Fellow directors included David R. Clare, former president of the Johnson & Johnson Co.; Wallace C. Doud, former vice president of IBM, who was active in the American Cancer Society; Gardiner L. Tucker, former vice president for science and technology of International Paper Co.; and B. Kenneth West, chairman of the board of Harris Bankcorp Inc.

Motorola 1994 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

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