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Bourne got his MD at Emory University in 1962, and an MA in anthropology at Stanford in 1969. "In 1971 Bourne went to work in the office of the recently-elected governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter. Becoming active in Democratic politics he was an alternate delegate at the 1972 Democratic Convention in Miami. Subsequently, he worked to convince Jimmy Carter to run for the Presidency. He moved to Washington where he set up the campaign office and later played a major role as a deputy campaign director." Bourne was Carter's Special Assistant for Health Issues from 1977 to 1979. From 1979 to 1982, Bourne was an Assistant Secretary General at the United Nations. He has been Professor and Chairman, and Vice Chancellor, of St. George's University in Grenada. [St. George's was founded in 1977. A "Marxist" coup overthrew the government of Grenada in 1979, and in 1983 the US invaded Grenada and ovethrew it. Strangely enough, the "Marxist" Radio Free Grenada was sponsored by a transmission repair shop whose slogan was, "It's a little out of your way, but well worth it." The US government's pretext for invasion was that the "students" of St. George's were in danger. More likely, it was the slimy health fascist administration which had induced the former government to create the place for them -cast]

Bourne bio / Annonline
A Brief History of St. George's University / St. George's University

"He served on the jury for the Lasker Awards in the areas of health and biomedical research." (Stanford Medicine, Class Notes, Spring 1999.)

Class Notes, 1999 / Stanford Medicine

Bourne attended the American Cancer Society's "Meeting of Ad-Hoc Committee On Tobacco and Smoking Research" at its headquarters in New York City on Nov. 10, 1977. Former Surgeon General (1969-73) Jesse Steinfeld was the Chairman of this assembly, and Frank J. Rauscher was ACS Senior Vice President for Research. Participants who made research and action reports included: Allan K. Jonas, Chairman of the Tobacco and Health Committee of the ACS; J. Michael McGinnis, then Consultant to HEW Secretary Joseph Califano; William Pollin, Director of the Division of Research of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; Claude Lenfant, Director of the Division of Lung Diseases of the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute; Andrew F. Hegyeli of the National Cancer Institute; Hod Ogden of the Centers for Disease Control; and Martin Fishbein, Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Other participants included Donald T. Fredrickson, Gio B. Gori, Ernst Wynder of the AHF, former Surgeon General Luther Terry, and Victor Weingarten.

Ad-Hoc Committee On Tobacco and Smoking Research, 1977 / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp)

Philip Morris lauded Bourne's official statement to the Ad-Hoc Committee as "A realistic, sensible and statesmanlike approach to the government's dealing with tobacco and tobacco products." But these were just cynical lies, because the Carter Administration - AND EVERY SUBSEQUENT ADMINISTRATION - let them get away with doing the opposite.

Bourne remarks, 1977 / UCSF (pdf, 10 pp)

Bourne was vice chairman of Save the Children Foundation in 1989. Marjorie C. Benton was Honorary Chairman, and directors included Mary E. King (Bourne's wife), Marian Javits (wife of the late Sen. Jacob Javits), Joshua Lederberg, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Robert Rodale, and Jonas Salk. (Group Watch.)

Save the Children / Public Eye

Bourne and former Assistant Secretary for Health Philip R. Lee were among the developers of the food fascist "Declaration of Olympia on Nutrition and Fitness" at the Third Annual Conference on Nutrition and Fitness in 1996. This group is also associated with Artemis P. Simopoulos, who chaired the Nutrition Coordinating Committee at the National Instittutes of Health from 1978 to 1982. She was also a consultant to Ester Peterson, Special Assistant for Consumer Affairs to President Carter from 1978 to 1980 and a delegate to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Declaration of Olympia /
Simopoulos bio / Estiator

Bourne is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Institute of Human Virology, a center of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute. 75% of its research is concerned with HIV. Directors include Hilary Koprowski, chairman, and Max Essex of the Harvard AIDS Institute.

Bourne bio / Institute of Human Virology

Bourne is co-chairman of Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC), the outfit that lobbies for ending the US trade embargo of Cuba. Its Advisory Board includes Mohammad Akter, the Executive Director of the American Public Health Association; James Curran, Dean of the Rollins School of Public Health; Noreen Clark, of the University of Michigan School of Public Health; former Assistant Secretary for Health Philip R. Lee; and former Surgeon General Julius Richmond.

Who's Who / MEDICC

Bourne is a Governing Counseler of the International Health Section of the American Public Health Association, 5/23/03.

International Health Section / American Public Health Association

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