David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson of ABC News -

These are the most outrageous travesties of "journalism" ever perpetrated against the American people!

The media conspired to brainwash Americans with lies about secondhand smoke, in such a crude and heavy-handed manner, reminiscent of a Nazi dictatorship, that no intelligent person should have failed to be outraged.

This Week With David Brinkley, Jan. 10, 1993

DAVID BRINKLEY: In the meantime, George, you were exercised, I. believe, about a discovery by the U.S. government. An announcement this week or last that secondhand smoke, smoke as other people, smoke and blow it out and you breathe it in, it causes cancer and it's dangerous and it kills you.

GEORGE WILL: What they did is they upgraded it. You say I'm exercised. I'm exercised with enthusiasm for the findings. What it means is by upgrading the status of this to what I think the term is a Class A carcinogen, secondhand smoke, they really put an enormous litigation danger before, say, employers who allow smoking in the workplace because then someone who.comes up with lung cancer can claim that adequate precautions were not taken.

David, I can't think of any -- maybe you all can -- change in common everyday etiquette in American life comparable to the change in the last 9.5 years in the status of smoking. This week, the Baltimore Orioles became the fifth major league baseball team to say in an open air stadium you cannot smoke in your seat.

SAM DONALDSON: But George, there's more work to be done in this church. Smokers must be driven to a cave someplace 6000 -- Carlsbad Caverns. That's the only place we should allow them to smoke.

COKIE ROBERTS : Then the bats will become endangered. Are you kidding?

DONALDSON: The old line was if smokers wanted to kill themselves, let them kill themselves, but they're killing everyone around them. They're killing their children. If you're smoking, folks out there, and you've got young children, why are you doing this to them? Why don't you like them? Smokers must be driven out because they simply are killing themselves and everybody else and they're adding to the costs of this government. Talk about the deficit. The single thing that would reduce health care costs the most would be to ban people who smoke.

[In fact, their vaunted "EPA" ETS report wasn't even written by EPA scientists. It was written by handpicked anti-smoking activists (one of whom publicly confessed), using illegal pass-through contracts to conceal their roles. The actual EPA scientists were opposed to calling secondhand smoke a human carcinogen. And, on the board of directors of the contracting firm that handled the corrupt pass-throughs sat a crony of President George H.W. Bush, who released the report during the final days of his administration, along with a big-shot representative of the Democratic Party, to ensure a bipartisan coverup of the corruption. Furthermore, the author of the chapters on children's respiratory health doesn't even believe the rubbish that he wrote any more.

Even more importantly, the anti-smokers are automatically guilty of scientific fraud because they ignore the role of carcinogenic viruses in lung cancer, in the "EPA" report and in every subsequent study as well. Human papillomaviruses - which cause 99.7% of all cervical cancer - are now known to be involved in ten times more lung cancers than the anti-smoking charlatans pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. And smokers and passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus. Because all of their vaunted studies are nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, the anti-smokers are falsely blaming lung cancers that are caused by HPV on smoking and secondhand smoke.

And the media are deliberately concealing this fraud and corruption to force their agenda on the world!]

WILL: Do you know what would happen if everybody quit smoking today, by the way?

DONALDSON: They'd start drinking? Is that your view?

WILL: The Social Security system would be in dire shape suddenly because the actuarial tables of the Social Security system count on a certain large number of Americans dying prematurely from lung cancer and not collecting their benefits.

DONALDSON: Well, we'll figure out some other way to save the Social Security system.

[Their beloved George W. Bush saved the day by opening the floodgates to a massive invasion of illegal aliens! And their filthy allies, the "Progressives," embraced them with open arms, because they're helping to disempower American workers, and they splutter with self-righteous moral indignation that people who have "committed no crime" [sic] are arrested for breaking the immigration laws!]

ROBERTS: And a lot of tobacco farmers and cigarette companies would go out of business.

DONALDSON: They should go out of business, Cokie.

BRINKLEY: Well, they're making a ton of money selling tobacco abroad.

WILL: Exactly.

BRINKLEY: Do you know what the world's largest selling consumer product of any description is?

DONALDSON: I think you've telegraphed it. What is it?

BRINKLEY: Marlboro cigarettes.

WILL: Is that right?

BRINKLEY: Marlboro is the largest selling consumer product in the world.

ROBERTS: I'm curious about this litigation because what happens now? Now we know secondhand smoke causes cancer. At what point are you then able to sue? Can your employer say, "Well, I didn't know it at the time. The government only came out with this report in 1993?"

DONALDSON: The tobacco companies have engaged in a conspiracy for about 45 years to try to obstruct the truth on smoking and health.

ROBERTS: But everybody knew smoking was bad. You'd have to be living in a cave not to know that smoking was bad for you.

DONALDSON: The companies, in response to this report, David, held a press conference saying, "Well, there hasn't been any final conclusive proof. This just comes from people who don't like cigarettes."

ROBERTS: But look, that's just an excuse to not take responsibility for your own actions.

DONALDSON: How do they live with themselves? How do these tobacco executives go home and live with themselves?

BRINKLEY: You'll have to ask them.


This Week With David Brinkley, Jan. 10, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 3 pp)

Prime Time, Feb. 25, 1993

ANNOUNCER: February 25th, 1993.

SAM DONALDSON, ANCHOR: Tonight, a PRIME TIME investigation.

ANTHONY CARLUCCI: Quit this lie. Quit telling this lie.

DONALDSON: The charge: For 40 years, the tobacco industry has conspired to obscure the truth about smoking and health.

MAN: It has not been established that cigarette smoke --

MAN: The bottom line is that we simply don't know --

MAN: It is not a closed case.

DR. KENNETH WARNER: This is one of the most reprehensible examples of corporate behavior gone wrong that has ever existed in history of this country.

[In fact, Philip Morris has been controlled by the anti-smokers themselves all these years. It was taken over in the 1950s with financing from J. Russell Forgan, dirty trickster of the O.S.S. and C.I.A., with the intent to turn it into a Judas Goat to lead the industry to destruction. On PM's board of directors sat Edward Lasker, whose stepmother was health fascist uber-lobbyist Mary Woodard Lasker; and Forgan's O.S.S. buddy, William J. Donovan, was a director of the Lasker Foundation. She and her accomplices in the American Cancer Society controlled the policy and funding of the National Institutes of Health - which they turned into their private, tax-funded propaganda factory to persecute smokers and force health fascist tyranny on the American people. They acted in concert with other anti-smokers who conspired to take over the other companies - and the "corporate behavior gone wrong" is that 1) the companies have been controlled by their enemies; and 2) the corporate media psychopaths have deliberately and systematically fed us lies all these years, and purposely censored the truth.]

DONALDSON: Also, a mystery: why a cigarette that might have saved lives was deliberately kept from consumers.

They wanted to see if they could develop a safe cigarette.

DR. JAMES MOLD: Correct.

DONALDSON: All right. What happened?


[The "Safer Cigarette" has never been anything but a ploy to trick smokers into supporting more funding for their own arch-enemies, the chemical carcinogenesis gangsters at the National Cancer Institute, through their sock-puppet, the phony smokers' rights group, FORCES. The research the chemical nazis pursue would generate lots of "scary chemicals" propaganda to benefit the anti-smoking hysteria, and it would never expose the fact that the anti-smokers have deliberately used defective studies to falsely blame smoking and secondhand smoke for diseases that are really caused by infection. Furthermore, if the cigarette companies broach the subject of safer cigarettes, they are rabidly attacked by the anti-smokers who accuse them of "deceiving the public." Finally, smokers don't like those products, so they couldn't sell them anyhow. None of which is mentioned by these pieces of anti-smoker media filth whose pretended "investigation" is really just a cover-up submerged in a sewer of lies, half-truths and innuendos.]

ANNOUNCER: From ABC News, with anchors Diane Sawyer, Sam Donaldson, chief correspondent Chris Wallace, Judd Rose, Jay Schadler, Sylvia Chase, John Quinones, and Renee Pouzant, this is PRIMETIME.

ANNOUNCER: PRIMETIME. Now, from Washington, Sam Donaldson.

DONALDSON: Good evening and welcome. Diane Sawyer is on assignment. We'll tell you more about that later.

Tonight we begin with a look at smoking and health and how the tobacco companies have worked over the years to confuse the public on this vital issue. [Sic - by collaborating with the anti-smokers!]

Now, let me say right up front, that I personally have been crusading against smoking for more than 20 years, and, believe me, we ex-smokers can be worse than reformed drunks. I am not unbiased when it comes to believing the government warning carried on every cigarette pack about the hazards of smoking.

But none of us here at PRIMETIME had prejudged the subject of our reports tonight. We conducted a four-month-long investigation which found that for 40 years, the tobacco companies have waged a carefully-orchestrated campaign to hide the truth in order to fend off regulation and lawsuits and keep the profits pouring in.

[Tranlation: He is an absolutely unquestioning true believer who is incapable of exercising any degree of skepticism about the health claims of politically-connected charlatans. Furthermore, he and the rest of the hacks at PRIMETIME were given their jobs for precisely this reason. And the pretense that the cigarette companies could "hide the truth" when the major research was conducted by their enemies is simply laughable on its face; the only hiding which was possible for them to engage in, would be on the anti-smokers' own behalf, by keeping silent about their scientific frauds in order to further their agenda of regulation and invite lawsuits - while generously hemorrhaging their customers' money to their customers' enemies.]

It all began, we discovered, back in the early 1950s.

Worried about smoking? Listen to the tobacco industry over the years, and you won't be quite so worried.

[The anti-smoking conspiracy took root in a big way in 1937, when the American Cancer Society's predecessor, the American Society for the Control of Cancer, finagled the creation of the National Cancer Institute, which they took over as their own.]

MAN: It has not been established that cigarette smoking --

MAN: The bottom line is that we simply don't know --

MAN: It is not a closed case. The fact is --

MAN: I don't know that they're harmful or harmless. What I'm saying is --

MAN: When the answers are found, I think this industry is going to come out all right.

ANTHONY CARLUCCI: Quit this lie. Quit telling this lie. It's over. It's 1992. Would you please come into the 20th Century, before we get to the 21st, for God's sake?

[Those are all nothing but sham opposition, designed to impress ignorant simpletons who can't conceive that any body of evidence exists beyond the mass media propaganda they are fed by ABC News and its partners in crime. The cigarette companies have collaborated with the anti-smokers by foisting this on the public as their supposed "fight." It actually IS a closed case that a known-carcinogenic virus, HPV, is found in at least ten times more lung cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke - yet the anti-smokers and their media accomplices have refused to acknowledge this reality - along with cigarette companies! And, the anti-smoking charlatans are actually frozen in the 19th century world of chemicals and religious prejudices about "sinful" behavior.]

DONALDSON: Meet Dr. Anthony Carlucci, the highest-ranking tobacco insider ever to break ranks with the industry's line. Carlucci, a toxicologist, was the Director of Smoking and Health at the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the country's second-largest. His story is explosive.

[What did Carlucci have to say about the role of infection in diseases caused by smoking? Nothing. Therefore, he has not 'broken with the industry's (anti-smoker-approved) line.']


Report on the Tobacco Industry, Feb. 25, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

Truly, they are the filth of the planet earth, who deserve nothing less than bloody, genocidal extermination! They, and every corporate bloodsucker at ABC News who gave them their jobs!

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