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A vote for Howard Dean is a Vote for Health Fascism

The aroma of "O.S.S." surrounds his family. His father, Howard Dean Jr., served in the China National Aviation Corp. in World War II. His brother died mysteriously in Laos. He has an MD, which the Lasker Syndicate political machine expects the proles to trust with absolute credulity. And he just happened to choose to move to Vermont, a small state where Roz Diane Lasker just happened to be a university professor. The Lasker Syndicate's media toady, Time magazine, breathlessly tells us, "In the early '90s, Dean was arguably the Governor most involved in helping shape the huge, doomed Clinton health care plan. During the 1994 State of the Union address, according to the Burlington Free Press, Dean was sitting just behind Hillary Rodham Clinton, the plan's major architect." [Sic. And snigger. Yeah, right, all by herself, and never mind that representative of the conspiratorial cabal who have been trying to shove socialized medicine down our throats ever since the Roosevelt administration, whose presence during those secret proceedings was revealed only by the lawsuit of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons: ROZ DIANE LASKER. But, just like in "The Wizard of Oz," the proles aren't supposed to see what's behind the curtain.] (The Cool Passion of Dr. Dean, by John Cloud. TIME, posted Aug. 3, 2003.)

Cloud, Aug. 3, 2003 / TIME Magazine

"Mr. Dean's roots on Wall Street stretch back four generations to Issac Dean, a Manhattan sugar broker in the 1870s. As a child, Howard Brush Dean III took the bus from his family's Park Avenue apartment to the private Browning School, where one of his classmates was Winthrop Rockefeller, grandson of oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller Jr. and now Arkansas's Republican lieutenant governor... In 1972, Mr. Dean started work as a "customers man" -- 1970s lingo for a broker -- at Clark, Dodge & Co.'s Park Avenue office, its most prestigious branch. Family connections helped again, says Mary Wong, who worked alongside him there. Dudley Roberts, the second husband of Mr. Dean's grandmother, was a Clark, Dodge senior executive and recommended Mr. Dean for a plum assignment working with money manager Robert Hill on two mutual funds Clark, Dodge had purchased. Within a year, it became clear to Mr. Dean that he wouldn't find Wall Street fulfilling, an assessment his boss shared. Energized by after-hours volunteer work at St. Vincent's hospital, he wanted to go back to school to take biology and chemistry courses he had skipped at Yale so he could apply to medical school." (Dean on Economy: Wall Street Roots, Main Street Talk. By Bob Davis and Jackie Calmes. Wall Street Journal, Jan. 5, 2004.)

"Ancestry of Gov. Howard Dean." Compiled by William Addams Reitweisner.

Ancestry of Gov. Howard Dean / William Addams Reitweisner Genealogical Services

Howard Brush Dean, Yale 1918, the grandfather of presidential candidate Howard Dean, was a vice president of Pan American World Airways System from 1943 until his death in 1950. He began his career in the bond department of the Guaranty Trust Company in 1919. From 1921 to 1941, he was a partner in the New York Stock Exchange firm of Struthers & Dean; and was a governor of the New York Stock Exchange in 1938-42. (Howard Dean, 53, Airline Executive. New York Times, March 23, 1950; Bulletin of Yale University. Obituary Record of Graduates of the Undergraduate Schools Deceased during the Year 1949-1950, pp. 195-196.) Junius A. Richards, director of Tobacco and Allied Stocks which held the largest share of Philip Morris, also began his career in the bond department of the Guaranty Trust during those years.

Obituary Record 1949-1950 / Yale University Library (pdf, 221 pp)

In 1935, Mrs. Howard Dean was among those holding a dinner benefit at the Stork Club for the First Division Cardiac Clinic of Bellevue Hospital. Other dinner parties included those of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tickermann (Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Brewster Jennings and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lamont); Mr. and Mrs. William Galey Lord [S&B 1922] (Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Bates Lord [S&B 1926], Mr. and Mrs. W. Averell Harriman [S&B 1913], Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cheney [S&B 1922], Mr. and Mrs. Artemus L. Gates [S&B 1918] and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Douglas). (Cabaret Benefit Assists Hospital. New York Times, May 16, 1935.) Lewis Douglas was the grandson of James Douglas, the benefactor of James Ewing of the American Society for the Control of Cancer.

Mrs. Howard Dean was vice chairman of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 22nd annual spring dinner dance. (Dinner Dance at Plaza Will Assist Cancer Center. New York Times, May 4, 1968.) Mrs. Howard B. Dean was again co-chairmen of a dinner dance benefit for MSKCC; committee members included Mrs. William F. Buckley Jr. [S&B 1950] and Mrs. Lewis A. Lapham [S&B 1931]. (Dance Wednesday to Assist Sloan-Kettering Society. New York Times, May 8, 1970.)

Dean's Republican father was a top executive of Dean Witter Reynolds. Major D. Reynolds was the "Reynolds" in the firm's name. He was the older brother of RJ Reynolds, who had a "conversion experience that led him to leave the tobacco business." In 1978, during the time of his grandson, Thomas F. Staley, Reynolds & Co. merged with Dean Witter, and Sears, Roebuck & Co. acquired Dean Witter Reynolds in 1981.

The Thomas F. Staley Foundation / North Carolina Wesleyan College

The Dean Campaign

Dean's top contributors are classified as 88% Ideological/Single Issue and only 12% from business. They include the University of California; AOL Time Warner; Microsoft; Harvard University; IBM; Dean For America; University of Pennsylvania; Emory University; Stanford University; Dartmouth College; Citigroup; the University of Washington; University of Texas; Skadden, Arps et al. law firm; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Hewlett Packard; McKenna, Long & Aldrich; the State of Vermont; Princeton University; Goldman Sachs; Morgan Stanley; and the Walt Disney Company. A disquieting number of those university contributors are from law professors. "Big Pharma" is nowhere to be found.

Individual contributors included Kathryn Bushkin, a senior vice president of AOL Time Warner and president of the AOL Time Warner Foundation, who also donated to other candidates; and Peter K. Scaturro, head of Citigroup Private Banking (its money laundering operation); and Lynn Feintech of Citigroup Investment Banking. Several not-employed Brodys also donated.

Dean Top Contributors / Open Secrets

Anti-smoker Hollywood producer Rob Reiner endorsed Dean after his first-choice candidate, Albert Gore, declined to run. "Attendees at a recent Reiner-sponsored lunch for Dean included 'Seinfeld' co-creator Larry David, Haim Saban of Saban Entertainment, supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, film producer Stephen Bing, writer-producer Nora Ephron and producers Norman Lear and Michael King of King World Productions -- all big party contributors." (Reiner Endorsement Boosts Dean in Hollywood. By Gina Keating, Reuters, Feb. 20, 2003.)

Reiner Endorsement / Gay and Lesbian Political Action and Support Groups

"About 30 Washington insiders, many of them lobbyists, meet every week in the downtown law offices of Hogan and Hartson to plot strategy with key Dean advisors." Hogan and Hartson is the lair of former Rep. Paul G. Rogers and other Lasker stooges. "Dean's $100,000 club includes... [anti-smoker] movie director Rob Reiner..." (Dean Now Courting Party Insiders. By Jim VandeHei and Paul Farki. The Washington Post, Dec. 4, 2003.)

Vande Hei & Farki Dec. 4, 2003 / Washington Post

Dean as Governor of Vermont

"Senate Majority Leader George J. Mitchell, D-ME, and others today met with six Democratic Governors and announced agreement on a set of principles to guide them in pushing for enactment of comprehensive health care legislation in this Congress, and challenged President Bush to join them in their effort." The six governors were Roy Romer of Colorado, Booth Gardner of Washington, (RWJF puppet) Lawton Chiles of Florida, John Waihee of Hawaii, Howard Dean of Vermont, and Mike Sullivan of (Rockefeller-dominated) Wyoming. (US Senate Democratic Policy Committee Press Release, Oct. 29, 1991.)

Democratic Policy Committee, 1991 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

"On May 28, 1993, Governor Howard Dean (D) signed into law a bill that prohibits smoking in most public places and some private settings. The law will go into effect on July 1, 1993. On July 1, 1995, smoking will be prohibited in restaurants, motels, hotels, and bars, with an exception for establishments that hold a cabaret license, because they derive more than half their revenues from the sale of alcohol or entertainment. See Reuters, May 28, 1993, Miami Herald, May 29, 1993, and New York Times, May 30, 1993." (Report on Recent ETS and IAQ Developments, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, June 11, 1993, p. 11.)

Shook, Hardy & Bacon, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 43 pp)

Governor Appointed to National Panel to Review the President's Health Care Reform Proposal. [Florida] Governor's Press Office, estimated date June 15, 1993: "Chiles is one of only four Democratic governors on the panel and the only govenor representing a large state. Joining Governor Chiles on the NGA working group will be Governors Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. of South Carolina, Howard Dean of Vermont, Roy Romer of Colorado, Brereton Jones of Kentucky, Arne Carlson of Minnesota, Mike Leavitt of Utah and Tommy G. Thompson of Wisconsin."

Florida Governor's Press Office, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

"The VERMONT Ways & Means Committee is debating tax increases to finance health care legislation. One of the taxes is a 40 [cents] per pack increase (20 cents to 60 cents) approved last week by the Special Health Care Committee. During debate on 3/9, proposals were considered that would have raised the cigarette tax by $1 per pack. A variety of other tax increases are included in the health care bill. The Ways & Means Committee is expected to release a bill this week. It then will be assigned to Appropriations. A broad-based coalition is opposing the legislation that is backed by Governor Howard Dean." (Weekly Report, by Kent Wold to Jan Krebs, RJR Tobacco, March 9, 1994.)

Wold to Krebs, 1994 / UCSF (pdf, 3 pp)

The smug, gloating, health fascists at the Rutland, Vermont, Herald editorialize for raising the cigarette tax (How to Stop Smoking, Jan. 10, 2001.)

Editorial, Jan. 10, 2001 / Rutland Herald

"MONTPELIER - Gov. Howard Dean on Thursday told the Legislature that state medical expenses had grown so large that at least $27 million a year in new cigarette taxes would be needed to stabilize the health care budget and to improve payments to doctors and hospitals... In a speech to a joint assembly of the House and Senate, Dean formally proposed a 67-cent hike in the cigarette tax, a move he said was justified first of all because it would discourage teenagers from taking up smoking in the first place. But Dean also said the new revenue would be needed to keep the state Medicaid program solvent through the end of the decade, and to bring state payments to health care providers up to levels comparable to payments made by federal health care programs over a four-year period." (Legislature hears case for boosting cigarette tax. By Frederick Bever, Vermont Press Bureau, Jan. 12, 2001.)

Bever, Jan. 12, 2001 / Rutland Herald

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