The Interagency Committee on Smoking and Health

The ICSH was created by congress in 1984 (how appropriately) by Public Law 98-474, amending the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, to fund and formally promote anti-smoker collusion between the different agencies of government, and the dissemination of their hate propaganda to the public.

Public Law 98-474, 1984 / CDC (PDF) (very long download)
Charter of ICSH / CDC (PDF)

After a hiatus of several years, the ICSH has become active again to involve the various agencies of government and the civilian health racketeer groups in the negotiations on the World Health Organization "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control," and other international efforts to repress smoking. Needless to say, the proceedings are controlled by smug, totalitarian anti-smoking zealots in the government, like most of the attendees. Other attendees inlcude an intern for anti-smoker Sen. Tom Harkin; a vice president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the major funding source of the American Cancer Society; a vice president of the SmithKline Beecham pharmaceutical company; C. Stephen Redhead, of the Congressional Research Service; Eric Stas, of Multinational Business Services; a lobbyist for Philip Morris (who is no doubt there to learn how to help them screw smokers); and the usual ACS-AHA-TFK garbage.

"2000 National Advisory Committee" / CDC
"Participants List" / CDC
"Themes from Previous ICSH Meetings (1985-1994)" / CDC
ICSH Agenda / CDC

Some highlights from the transcript of the proceedings: Page 23, DR. KOPLAN: "Eight years ago, I visited Szechuan Medical College in China, and they presented information on the way the medical education curriculum went. They provided some smoking data. This was a five-year medical school, and students enter at about the age of 18, graduate at the age of 23. On entry, about 15 percent of the medical students who entered smoked, and on graduation about 75 percent of the medical students smoked. So they asked me what I thought, and I said they should close the medical school." This is exactly the kind of fascist zealot who also would be eager to purposely suppress scientific research in order to falsely incriminate smoking.

Page 25, NOVOTNY: re the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, says that the State Department, which normally negotiates treaties, has abdicated this responsibility to the Department of Health and Social Services.

Page 46, Tamara Light of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms: "In July of this year, ATF arrested 18 people involved in a cigarette trafficking and money laundering ring, of which some of the profits were used to support militant terrorism in the Middle East." Page 48: "We also have intelligence information linking cigarette smuggling to Columbian drug cartels, the Italian Mafia, Russian organized crime, Asian organized crime and other worldwide criminal organizations." Frankly, I am favorably impressed with these organizations' history of assassinating political and media figures, especially compared with the sniveling example of the US prohibition of alcohol. I hope the "Mexican Mafia" will get involved here. After what those swine have done to us smokers, they deserve it. And if it happens, I will headline this welcome news, "JUSTICE AT LAST!" On Page 56: "Cigarette smuggling is linked to secondary criminal acivity and increased disrespect for the rule of law." WHAT "rule of law"? These scumbags don't know the difference between the "rule of law," and official oppression "under color of law." The anti-smoking racketeers are nothing but the biggest organized crime ring in history, their story is an endless saga of conspiracy and lies; they are not the paragons of virtue their media cronies and sycophants pretend they are.

ICSH Meeting Transcript / CDC (PDF)

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

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