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Director of the Centers for Disease Control

Since ca. 1972, Koplan was part of the CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service, whose fawning press coverage seems to have convinced most of its members that 1) they are entitled to rule the world; and 2) that any problem that can't be solved by sticking people with needles can be solved by coercion. He was chairman of the Public Health Service Executive Committee on AIDS from 1982-84. From 1989 to 1994 he was Assistant Surgeon General and director of the CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, its center of health fascism. From 1994 to 1998, Koplan was director and president of the Prudential Center for Health Care Research. In 1998 he was appointed CDC director.

Koplan biography / CDC

"Shalala appoints Jeffrey P. Koplan to head CDC." HHS press release, July 10, 1998. "He retired from the PHS after serving as Assistant Surgeon General and as the first director of CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [e.g., health fascism based on fraudulent lifestyle questionnaire studies -cast]. During his six-year tenure at the Center, he led the effort to make chronic disease prevention and control a national public health priority. Under his leadership, the Center's staff grew from 200 to more than 700 and its budget increased from $60 million to $300 million," and "was instrumental in focusing attention on the global impact of the health hazards of tobacco" [sic]. Dr. Koplan regularly serves as a consultant to the World Bank and the World Health Organization on public health programs in China, Finland, Hungary, the Caribbean, and other nations." He replaced David Satcher, who was appointed to the position of Surgeon General.

Koplan appointment to CDC director / HHS 1998

Koplan is on the Advisory Board of the Pan American Health Organization.

Koplan biography / Pan American Health Organization

The Carter Center

"Discussion of Findings and Selection of Priority Risk Factors," attributed to "Members of the Small Working Group Pre-Consultation Meeting," August 29, 1984. Includes William H. Foege, then Assistant Surgeon General and Special Assistant for Policy Development of the CDC; Kenneth E. Warner of the Department of Health Planning and Administration at the University of Michigan; and Jeffrey P. Koplan, Assistant Director for Public Health Practice at the CDC.

Selection of Risk Factors - Carter Center, 1984 / UCSF (pdf, 7 pp)

Medicine & Public Health

Medicine & Public Health Initiative National Committee Members List, as of Sep. 28, 1999. The National Committee includes William H. Foege, Jeffrey P. Koplan, Roz D. Lasker, Philip R. Lee, and David Satcher. [dead link]

1987 ASTHO-CDC Conference Report

The prevention and control of chronic diseases: reducing unnecessary deaths and disability -- a conference report. JO Mason, JP Koplan, PM Layde. Public Health Rep 1987 Jan-Feb;102(1):17-20.

Mason et al - Public Health Rep 1987 abstract / PubMed

The Centers for Disease Control

Koplan was the first Director of the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion of the Centers for Disease Control, which was created under the fraudulent pretense that infections do not diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and emphysema. "CDC Director James Mason's decision to establish the center is an attempt to coordinate programs on cancer, nutrition, diabetes, smoking and other subjects that had been scattered throughout the agency, he said. Included in the new center will be the former Center for Health Promotion and Education, which contains programs on nutrition, health education in schools, fitness and reproductive health. It also will include the CDC's programs on diabetes control, cancer epidemiology and the Rockville-based Office on Smoking and Health." (CDC Setting Up Chronic Diseases Center; Focus Shifting From Infections, Formerly the Culprit in Most Deaths By Susan Okie, Washington Post Staff Writer. The Washington Post, Nov. 14, 1988, p. A9.)

CDC Setting Up Chronic Diseases Center, Nov. 14, 1988 / UCSF (pdf, 12 pp)

Ronald M. Davis, James S. Marks, and Thomas E. Novotny were also on the staff. (CDC Tobacco Working Group Mailing List, July 20, 1988.)

CDC Tobacco Working Group Mailing List, July 20, 1988 / UCSF (pdf, 6 pp)

Several articles by Koplan

Fraudulent CDC cost analysis of smoking in pregnancy

A cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness analysis of smoking cessation for pregnant women. JS Marks, JP Koplan, CJ Hogue, ME Dalmat. Am J Prev Med 1990 Sep-Oct;6(5):282-289.

Marks et al - Am J Prev Med 1990 abstract / PubMed
Chorioamnionitis Causes Perinatal Illnesses Blamed on Smoking

Health fascism for the elderly

The influence of changing demographic patterns on our health promotion priorities. JP Koplan, JR Livengood. Am J Prev Med 1994 May-Jun;10(3 Suppl):42-44.

Koplan & Livengood - Am J Prev Med 1994 abstract / PubMed

Anti-smoker imperialism

Cigarette smoking in China. Prevalence, characteristics, and attitudes in Minhang District. YL Gong, JP Koplan, W Feng, CH Chen, P Zheng, JR Harris. JAMA 1995 Oct 18;274(15):1232-1234.

Gong et al - JAMA 1995 abstract / PubMed
Gong et al, JAMA 1995 full article / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp) (poor copy)

Using Health Plans to Promote Health Fascism

Editorial, "Not-So-Strange Bedfellows: Public Health and Managed Care," by Jeffrey P. Koplan and Jeffrey R. Harris, American Public Health Association editorial, December 2000; on using health plans to promote health fascism.

Koplan & Harris / APHA 2000

"Healthy People 2010"

Main page, "The Secretary's Council on National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2010," members as of Aug. 1, 2000.

Healthy People 2010 / HHS

The CDC and the World Bank

"World Bank and CDC sign agreement to improve health in developing and transition countries," CDC press release, Feb. 6, 2001. Includes anti-smoking persecution in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

World Bank - CDC agreement / US State Dept.

CDC Manipulation of the Media

"US: CDC Injects TV Dramas With Health Messages," by Gay Stolberg, New York Times June 26, 2001.

CDC Injects TV Dramas With Health Messages / Media Awareness Project

Pan American Health Organization

Koplan is on the Advisory Board of the Pan American Health Organization of the WHO, along with Mohammad N. Akhter of the American Public Health Association; former Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Jo Ivey Boufford; William H. Foege, of the CDC's "Healthy People" program; and Timothy E. Wirth, President of Ted Turner's United Nations Foundation.

Advisory Board / Pan American Health Organization

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