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Magee was Co-Chair of the Science Advisory Board, and a Trustee of the American Health Foundation between December 1981 and March 1984. He was Director of the Fels Institute for Cancer Research at Temple University.

Magee's experiments on animals in the 1950s were the basis of the theory that nitrosamines cause cancer in humans. (Nitrosamines: ubiquitous carcinogens? P Magee. New Scientist 1973 Aug. 23, pp 432-434.) He is evidently still cranking out the same kind of lab animal experiments today.

Magee, New Scientist 1973 / UCSF (pdf, 3 pp)
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Magee was a member of the Carcinogenesis Advisory Panel of the NCI in 1972, while still affiliated with Middlesex Hospital Medical School in London. Former CTR Scientific Advisory Board member (1954-65) Paul Kotin, and future NCI Director and AHF Trustee Arthur C. Upton were also members (page 10).

Carcinogenesis Advisory Panel, 1972 / UCSF (pdf, 47 pp)

In 1978, Magee became head of the Board of Scientific Counselors of the NCI's Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention. (Research Notes, The Blue Sheet, Oct. 18, 1978.)

The Blue Sheet, 1978 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

Magee continued as Chairman of the Board of Scientific Counselors in 1982. Other members of the Board included Gilbert S. Omenn; longtime NCI honcho William Haenszel; and Pelayo Correa, who co-authored a 1983 passive smoking study (and 39 other studies, all chemical carcinogen-oriented) with Haenszel. These included numerous diet and gastric cancer studies at a time when those investigating Helicobacter pylori couldn't get funding. (SEER Ceiling Lifted; Cost Committee Finds Deficiencies, Asks Changes. The Cancer Letter 1982 Oct. 22;8(41).)

The Cancer Letter Oct. 22, 1982 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)
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Dietrich Hoffmann, Associate Director of the AHF and Wynder's crony since 1957, was a member of the Board as well. (DCCP Board approves concepts for nearly $20 million in grants, contracts, including new inhibitors study. The Cancer Letter 1983 June 10;9(23).) However, "The proposal for a study of mutagens in human food was tabled following opposition by Omenn, Hoffmann, and Conney. 'We don't have a single animal model to show that these mutagens cause digestive tract or tracheal tumors,' Hoffmann said. 'Before we spend $2 million on this wait until we do.' 'This is not suitable for a directed effort,' Omenn said."

The Cancer Letter June 10, 1983 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)

"Barry Pierce, professor of pathology at the Univ. of Colorado and former member of the Board of Scientific Counselors of NCI's Div. of Cancer Cause and Prevention, will be the new Chairman of that Board, replacing Peter Magee, whose term expired with last week's meeting..." (Barry Pierce New DCCP Board Chairman;... The Cancer Letter 1983 June 17;9(24).) Pierce was later a member of the Council for Tobacco Research (CTR) in 1996, when the state lawsuits against the tobacco industry began.

The Cancer Letter June 17, 1983 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)

"Gerald Murphy, director of the Organ Systems Coordinating Center, has appointed with NCI's concurrence the six members of the OSCC Advisory Board,..." including Peter Magee, Fels Research Institute. (New Organ System Group For Brain CNS Tumors Asked. The Cancer Letter 1985 Apr 28;11(17).)

The Cancer Letter Apr. 28, 1985 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)

Magee was a member of the Consensus Development Panel of NIH Consensus Statement 53, Health Implications of Smokeless Tobacco Use, 1986, which bears the cyptic statement, "THIS DOCUMENT NO LONGER VIEWED BY NIH AS GUIDANCE FOR CURRENT MEDICAL PRACTICE." Stephen S. Hecht and Dietrich Hoffmann of the AHF were also members, plus future AHF Trustee Robert J. Haggerty.

Smokeless Tobacco Use, 1986 / National Institutes of Health

Magee participated in a workshop on "Research to Improve Predictions of Long-Term Chemical Toxicity," Dec. 13-15. 1989. Gary Williams, Associate Director of the AHF, also participated. (Workshop Participants. In: Opportunities in Applied Environmental Research and Development. National Academy Press, 1992.)

Opportunities in Applied Environmental Research and Development / Universal Library

Peter Magee participated in a Student Skills Workshop with Jonathan Samet at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Epidemiological Research, June 12-15, 1990 (page 8).

Society for Epidemiological Research, 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 120 pp)

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