Partnership for Prevention

A Partnership for Health Fascism

The "Partnership for Prevention" lobbies for all forms of health fascism, including ratcheting up laws and taxes against alcohol and handguns, and promoting fluoridation (an artificial financial benefit for corporate interests which is unjustified because consumers have such easy access to fluoridated toothpaste) and "prevention" coverage in health insurance. They manipulate employers to collaborate in the Syndicate's Healthy People government health fascism program through their puppet group, Partnerships for a Healthy Workforce.

The components of prevention. Testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Mar. 12, 1998. By William L. Roper, MD.

Partnership for Prevention, 1998 / UCSF

The founding chairman of Partnership for Prevention is Richard Schweiker, a former secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, appointed by President Reagan. Its officers in 2001 included officials of the AHA, ACS, AMA, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Health Insurance, and other big corporations (Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly, Wyeth-Ayerst, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Merck, Henry Ford Health System, American Association of Health Plans, Health Insurance Association of America, Union Pacific Railroad, Aetna). J Michael McGinnis (CDC Director under Carter who launched the official war on smokers) and Phil Lee (Roz Lasker's nominal boss at HHS during the Clinton Administration) are former members of its board of directors. It boasts that it "worked closely with others in the tobacco control community to generate support for the federal government to sue the tobacco industry to recoup [SIC] billions of dollars that federal health care programs have spent and are expected to spend on tobacco-related health care costs" [SIC]." It is allied with the "Congressional Prevention Coalition" in the US Congress.

Directors in 2004 include Schweiker; Georges C. Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association; Barbara A. DiBuono of Pfizer Inc.; Cindee Long, Vice President of Global Public Policy of Wyeth; John R. Seffrin, CEO of the American Cancer Society; Scott P. Serota, President and CEO of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association; and M. Cass Wheeler, CEO of the American Heart Association.

Board of Directors / Partnership for Prevention
"Congressional Prevention Coalition" Member List / Partnership for Prevention

The 2004 "Council of Advisors" includes members of the same filthy gang of health fascists who have been perpetrating scientific fraud all along: William D. Novelli, David Satcher, Gilbert S. Omenn, and William L. Roper.

Council of Advisors / Partnership for Prevention

The Partnerships' "Nine high impact actions Congress can take to protect and promote the nation's health," details their agenda of health fascism. The creators of this report are of course a familiar chorus of "Hail, hail, the gang's all here" of Lasker cronies: The former Assistant Secretaries for Health, Philip R. Lee, J. Michael McGinnis, Edward N. Brandt, and Robert L. Windom; Mohammed Akhter of the APHA; Steven Blair, crony of the Surgeon General candidate Kenneth Cooper, and former Surgeons General Joycelyn Elders and C. Everett Koop; Jack Lewin of the California Medical Association; Bill Novelli of Tobacco-Free Kids; Steven A. Schroeder of RWJF; former DHHS Secretary Louis Sullivan; William Roper; Martin P. Wasserman; and assorted other lackeys and stooges.

And all of it is rationalized, as usual, by the Sacred Lie of Health Fascism, McGinnis & Foege, JAMA 1993, which is based on obsolete data to ignore the role of infection, and the fraudulent use of multivariate analysis to exploit confounding.

Nine High Impact Actions" report / PDF (dead link)

"Employer coverage data to be updated." Inside - Partnership for Prevention newsletter 2000 Winter;7(2). PFP seeks continued funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study ways to manipulate employers to cover "prevention services" in their health plans, and to pass laws compelling them to do so. Also: "Employers recruited to make Healthy People 2010 impact." PFP-affiliated, RWJF-funded Partnerships for a Healthy Workforce to hold its first annual meeting Oct. 18, 2001. (Inside - Partnership for Prevention 2000 Winter (dead link

As of 9-27-01, Partnership for Prevention has at least $2,211,024 in active grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, including "Studying the feasibility of developing health impact statements," $607,626; which really means developing health policy statements; "Advancing the debate on disease prevention and health promotion policy under Medicare," $387,153, which really means promoting health fascism; "Examining insurance coverage for clinical preventive services in employer-sponsored health plans," $478,026, which really means promoting health fascism in workplace health insurance plans; and "Partnerships for a healthy workforce: engaging businesses in achieving Healthy People 2010 objectives," $738,219, which means a "partnership" between government and business in the manner of classical FASCISM.

Despite the flowery and deceitful rhetoric of these titles, there are in fact no such activities as "studying," or "debate," or "examining" being engaged in, and the so-called "partnership" is a scheme founded in political and economic manipulation, like partnering with the Mob. In fact, their goal of total control over peoples' lives is already a foredrawn conclusion. And those stupid, gullible, sniveling little worms, the American sheeple, persist in believing in the fairy tale that this sneaky, slithering, insidious tyranny constitutes a "benefit," as they meekly acquiesce to the shackles of tyranny.

Dr. Steven H. Woolf, Executive Vice President for Policy Development of Partnership for Prevention, spewed their program of health fascism founded on scientific fraud at the Congressional hearings on "Keeping Seniors Healthy: New Preventive Benefits in the Medicare Modernization Act," Sep. 21, 2004. (Needless to say, the transcript was not available as promised within 90 days of the hearing. As of Aug. 28, 2005, it was still not available!)

Sep. 21, 2004 Health Subcommittee Hearing / US Congress

More Grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Increasing the effectiveness of disease prevention and health promotion policies. Oct 2005 - Sep 2007 ID# 53962 $724,494 to John M. Clymer, Partnership for Prevention.

Grant ID# 53962 / Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Comparing the value of community preventive services, $1,967,838, Sep 1, 2008 to Aug 31, 2011, ID# 63940, to the Partnership for Prevention, Ashley B. Coffield M.P.A., Project Director.

Grant ID# 63940 / Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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