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PHI made California the Lasker laboratory for health fascism

From its self-flattering official history: "Since its inception in 1964, the organization has grown from a handful of epidemiologists and researchers working with the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) to one of the largest public health nonprofit agencies in the United States, with an annual budget of $65 million and a staff of nearly 550, including more than 120 researchers, community specialists, and project directors conducting approximately 400 projects funded by state and federal government and private foundations. The Institute also hosts twenty Centers of Excellence focused on many of the major public health issues such as alcohol problems, tobacco control, cancer, disabilities, public health infrastructure, and community quality of life improvement.... From 1964 to the early 1980s, the organization primarily assisted the California Department of Health Services by training laboratory scientists and managing trainees. With the advent of the 1980s, the organization began managing contracts for the CDHS.... Today, the partnership [sic] with CDHS encompasses programs in a dozen divisions, branches and sections of the Department from Tobacco Control to Chronic Disease Prevention to Cancer Surveillance among others.... Working with the largest state public health agency in the nation, PHI has been on the forefront of tackling some of the most complex and challenging public health issues in the nation. Due to its sheer size and remarkable social, racial, and economic and geographic diversity, California has been a challenging laboratory for issues and trends demanding innovative solutions, policies and processes that have led the way for others." [Sic - yes, we are well aware of how California has always been the example of what these conspirators want to do to the rest of us. And, there are those who point out that "diversity" is really just a scheme to divide and subjugate the masses under the Elite's thumbs. -cast].

PHI official history

Anti-smoking hate propagandist Gayle C. Windham is a Principle Investigator/Project Director at PHI. She has a history of publishing malicious studies on smoking and passive smoking in relation to preterm delivery and other perinatal illness, which are scientifically worthless because they ignore the key role of infection in these maladies. Another PHI PI/PD, Elaine Zahnd, concentrates on manipulative techniques.

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Along with Donald R. Shopland, Coordinator of the Smoking and Tobacco Control Program of the National Cancer Institute (a Lasker stooge since the 1964 Surgeon General Report), Stanton Glantz directed the California EPA's corrupt ETS report, which in 1999 was proclaimed "NCI Monograph 10" by the Lasker stooge, Surgeon General David Satcher. Gayle Windham was the author of Chapter 3, "Developmental Toxicity I: Perinatal Manifestations"; and Chapter 5, "Reproductive Effects."

PHI spins off a multitude of front groups

PHI initiates, sponsors, incubates, and collaborates in a plethora of other health fascist projects, including TALC, the Technical Assistance Legal Center, funded by California smokers' exorbitant cigarette tax under Proposition 99; the Health Education and Training Center and the Next Generation California Tobacco Control Alliance. The 5-year, $37 million "Partnership for the Public's Health" with 39 community groups and 14 health departments is another such effort.

The Center for Civic Partnerships' so-called Health Improvement Initiative is a joint action with $20 million in support from the California Wellness Foundation, dedicated to "promoting broad public understanding" of their same-old fraudulent premise that "our lifestyles and the conditions in which we work and live are the most important determinants of our health" (i.e., anti-smoking, infection-denialism, drivelous rants to eat your fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise, and scare-mongering about traces of ostensible chemical carcinogens), by "establishing comprehensive, integrated systems of preventive services" (building up the health fascism industry to control the population womb-to-tomb). The CCP in turn funds the Center for Health Improvement, of which Lasker Syndicate oldtimer Lester Breslow is a founding director.

Health Improvement Partnerships / Center for Civic Partnerships

The Center for Health Leadership is also affiliated with PHI. This front operates the CDC/UC Public Health Leadership Institute, the Public Health Leadership Society, the USAID Population Leadership Program, and the Executive Mentoring and Consultation Program for State Health Directors. According to Scutchfield et al., "The personal and organizational effects of PHLI address the deficits in leadership identified in the Institute of Medicine's report, The Future of Public Health," the Lasker Syndicate's blueprint, of which Lester Breslow was a key architect. The Population Leadership Program was initiated in 1994 to support the US government's Agency for International Development population control agenda, including in Arab countries, where it contributes to conservative resentment. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides financial and programmatic support.

Public Health Leadership Society / CHL (pdf)
Scutchfield - J Public Health Policy 1995 abstract / PubMed

Besides the California Department of Health Services, PHI's major sponsors include the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Cancer Institute, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and other government agencies and wealthy foundations. PHI was fourth top recipient of foundation grants for public health in 1998, with $5,270,407; and fourth again in 1999, with $14,711,115.

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