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The Mother of the Big Lie

From 1971 to 1973, Rice was the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Research and Statistics, Social Security Administration. She was was on the Financial Data Year Planning Subcommittee of the National Committee on Vital and Health Statististics, along with Jacob J. Feldman, who had been Research Director at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. NORC's trustees included two Directors of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

NCHS VHS 1971 Annual Report (pdf, 17pp)
NCHS VHS 1972 Annual Report (pdf, 15pp)
NCHS VHS 1973 Annual Report (pdf)

Rice participated in the "Planning Study for an Ongoing Study of Costs of Environment-Related Health Effects" by the Institute of Medicine in 1980. Members of the Committee included Mary Lasker correspondent Theodore Cooper, Philip J. Landrigan, Joshua Lederberg, Frederick Mosteller of NORC, and former Director of the National Cancer Institute Arthur Upton. Thomas Hodgson, Jacob J. Feldman and a number of other NCHS staff also participated.

Work of the Committee, p. 207 / National Academy Press, 1981

"The Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meeting 12/28/83 in San Francisco included a session titled 'The Economics of Smoking: a Public Policy Issue,' presided over by A. Judson Wells, of the American Lung Association." Dorothy P. Rice, the "Mother of the Big Lie" that smoking is an economic burden to society, contributed 'Economic Costs of Smoking: An Analysis of Data for the United States;" and Stanton Glantz pariticipated as well. (Tobacco Merchants Association Issues Monitor 1984 Jan-Feb;5(1):7.)

TMA Issues Monitor, 1984 / UCSF-Legacy

The Economic Costs of the Health Effects of Smoking, 1984. DP Rice, TA Hodgson, P Sinsheimer, W Browner, AN Kopstein. The Milbank Quarterly 1986;64(4):489-547.

Rice et al., 1986 / UCSF-Legacy

In the Organizational Roster of the 1985 OTA Annual Report to Congress, Dorothy P. Rice was on the Health Program Advisory Committee (page 91). Karl Kronebusch was listed as an Analyst in the "Special Projects" section of the Health and Life Sciences Division (page 58). The Senior Associate was Michael Gough - presumably the same Michael Gough who co-authored "Silencing Science" with Steve Milloy (1999).

1985 OTA Annual Report / University of North Texas

Rice wrote to FDA Commissioner Frank E. Young to petition for FDA regulation of RJR's Premier cigarette, Aug. 25, 1988.

Rice to Young, 1988 / UCSF-Legacy

Rice consulted and assisted on fraudulent report, "The Cost of Substance Abuse to America's Health Care System - Report 2: Medicare Hospital Costs," produced by Joseph Califano's Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). It was funded by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. LaSalle D. Leffall, Honorary Life Member of the American Cancer Society, was a member of CASA's Board of Directors.

CASA 1994 / UCSF-Legacy

Keynote address: "Health Statistics: Past, Present and Future," by Dorothy P. Rice, Professor Emeritus, Institute for Health and Aging, University of California, San Francisco. In: "Toward a Health Statistics System for the 21st Century: Summary of a Workshop," National Academy Press, 2001. "In 1953 the National Opinion Research Center began a series of surveys separated by five-year intervals on the consumer's use of medical care, the degree of health insurance protection, and expenditures for care (Anderson and Anderson, 1967)." The National Health Survey Act of 1956 created what is now called the National Health Interview Survey, and the National Center for Health Statistics, the government's principal health statistics agency, was created in 1960.

Health Statistics... / National Academy Press 2001

Dorothy P. Rice is continuing her life of unpunished crimes against smokers as a member of the board of TEROC, which oversees the programs of persecution funded by California's Porposition 99. (Letter from TEROC to Dr. Kenneth W. Bernard, Assistant Surgeon General and Chief Delegate of the US Delegation to the UN Framework Convention for Tobacco Control, March 7, 2002.)


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