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Children's Television Workshop

While he was the Medical Director of the George Washington University Health Plan, Schroeder was a member of the Advisors and Task Force of "Feeling Good," a series of 26 hour-long programs by the Children's Television Workshop, which aired on 250 Public Broadcasting Service TV stations in 1974-75. Joan Ganz Cooney, now a director of Johnson & Johnson, was president of CTW, and Ruby Hearn of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was director of content development. Other Advisors and Task Force Members included Lester Breslow; Douglass Cater of the Aspen Institute; Jacob Feldman, then at the Harvard School of Public Health (and numerous others affiliated with HSPH); former Assistant Secretary for Health Philip R. Lee; Charles LeMaistre, Chancellor of of the University of Texas System; Bayless Manning, president of the CFR; Robert Manning, editor of the Atlantic Monthly; Gerard Piel, publisher of Scientific American; future Surgeon General Julius Richmond; Victor Weingarten, director of the President's Committee on Health Education; and Ernst Wynder of the American Health Foundation.

Feeling Good, circa 1973 / UCSF-Legacy

Health of the Public

Schroeder was the original director of the Health of the Public program, funded with $5 million each from The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Rockefeller Foundation in 1986. Schroeder left in 1990 to become president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation dropped out of the program in 1992, and RWJF took its place. Pew and RWJF each contributed $3.9 million. The program grants continue to be administered from University of California's Institute for Health Policy Studies (the home of Philip R. Lee and Stanton A. Glantz).

Health of the Public / UCSF
Health of the Public / RWJF
Schroeder bio / Kaiser (pdf)

Schroeder calls for an alliance of medicine and public health. (The importance of relating medicine and public health. SA Schroeder. Am J Med Sci 1992 Jun;303(6):355-359.)

Schroeder - Am J Med Sci 1992 abstract / PubMed

Advisory Committee to the CDC Director, 1992

Schroeder, Gilbert S. Omenn, Harold P. Freeman (AHF Trustee 1990-93), and John R. Seffrin of the American Cancer Society were advisors to CDC Director William L. Roper, who is now a trustee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Advisory Committee to Director / CDC

Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA)

Joseph A. Califano, founding chairman and president of the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, thanked "Steve Schroeder and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Board, who not only are furnishing the key venture capital but whose questions and suggestions are invaluable in shaping CASA." He also thanked former Johnson & Johnson Chairman James Burke; Margaret Mahoney; Sanford Weill of Travelers; former president of the Carnegie Corp. of NY David A. Hamburg; and John Rosenwald of Bear Stearns. (CASA 1992 Annual Report).

CASA 1992 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

The Pew Trusts

Steven Schroeder and the usual suspects (Jo Ivey Boufford, Roz Lasker, and Philip R. Lee) served as the "Policy Experts with Whom Health and Human Services Program Staff Consulted." RWJF Vice President Paul Jellinek was also a member. Pew Trust HHS Director Maureen K. Byrnes had a 2000 budget of $41,238,000. They call this, "Public Voices, Public Choices."

HHS Policy Experts / Pew Trusts

Speech at UT-Houston School of Public Health

"Health Care's Tale: Progress and Calamity. Foundation president says promoting healthy behavior and covering the uninsured are major challenges," March 8, 1999. Raves Schroeder, "How can we change unhealthy lifestyles? By increasing research on behavioral science, which often comes in second to 'pure' science, and by translating what we know into action with a massive public awareness campaign." In other words, a massive health fascist dictatorship to tyrannize over every detail of our lives, all based on deliberately fraudulent and corrupt science - and all because Congress has let these parasites get away with their frauds, at the public's expense, for 60 years. And their health insurance schemes are nothing but another tool for manipulating and controlling our lives.

Schroeder / UT - Houston Health Science Center 1999


"Prevention, In All Its Dimensions," Steven A. Schroeder's contribution to the fanatical BS of Research!America's conference on "Prevention Research." Also William L. Roper; R!A Board member Samuel C. Silverstein; Jonathan M. Samet, star perjuror of the Minnesota tobacco trial; Maureen Clark of the University of Michigan; Clair Callan of the AMA; Maureen Byrnes of the Pew Charitable Trusts; Louis Sherwood of Merck pharmaceuticals; George E. Hardy of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials; current CDC director Jeffrey Koplan; Assistant Surgeon General Douglas B. Kamerow; former Rep. John Porter of Illinois; and William D. Novelli, now inciting health fascism at AARP.

Prevention Research / Research!America (pdf)

American Legacy Foundation

Schroeder is on the Board of Directors of the American Legacy Foundation, the anti-smokers' multimillion dollar hate propaganda machine funded with the money stolen from smokers in the multistate tobacco settlement.

Board of Directors / American Legacy Foundation

Albany Medical Center

Schroeder is on the Selection Committee of the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research, along with Robert G Petersdorf and Daniel C. Tosteson.

Prize in Medicine / Albany Medical Center

Harvard University Board of Overseers

Schroeder was elected to the Harvard University Board of Overseers in 2000. Newsmaking News has exposÚs of the Harvard Overseers, including "The Money Lords of Harvard: How the Money Works at the World's Richest University."

Board of Overseers / Harvard University
The Money Lords of Harvard / Newsmaking News

Current members of the Visiting Committee of the Harvard School of Public Health include Margaret A. Hamburg, the daughter of David A. Hamburg; Clinton administration Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Jo Ivey Boufford; Karen Davis; Steven A. Schroeder of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and Mary Woolley of Research!America. Former Rep. Paul G. Rogers has been on the Dean's Council since 1998.

Advisors / Harvard School of Public Health

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