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Moore was a Trustee of the American Health Foundation in February 1993, when he was President of Procter & Gamble - Canada. He was Chairman of the Board of the AHF (later called the Institute for Cancer Prevention and now shut down for corruption). Longtime AHF Trustees Michael K. Lorelli, Joyce H. Lowinson, Kenneth Wang, and Alan M. Waxenberg continued on the Board of the IFCP.

Board of Trustees / Institute for Cancer Prevention (AHF)

Moore joined Procter & Gamble in 1973 and became President of P&G's Health Care Products Worldwide and Group Vice President of the company in 1992. In 1996 he joined Nelson Communications Inc. (which was founded by Johnson & Johnson alumnus Wayne Nelson) as president and CEO.

Moore bio / PG Alums

Nelson Communications's clients are a roster of "Big Pharma:" American Home Products, Astra Zeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Glaxo Wellcome, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, SmithKline Beecham, and Warner Lambert. (The French Connection. Press Release, Jan. 2001, re Nelson Communications acquisition by the Publicis Group of France (with a picture of the porky Moore).

Jan. 2001 Press Release / Nelson Communications

Moore has been a director of Interleukin Genetics Inc. since 1997, before it went public and was called Medical Science Systems Inc. In 1999, Edward McCormick Blair Jr., a principal of investment-banking firm William Blair & Co., and Gary L. Crocker, who was President and CEO of Research Medical Inc. from 1983 until it was acquired by Baxter International in 1997, joined the board of Interleukin.

Interleukin Genetics Inc. 2002 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Moore has been on the Board of Advisors of MedManage Systems since August 2001.

Management / MedManage Systems

Moore joined the board of Alteon in 2001. Mark Novich, retired vice president of the Upjohn Company (now Pharmacia Corp.) is a fellow director since 1994. Marilyn G. Breslow, an investment advisor with WP Stewart & Co. and other firms, (whose relationship to Lester Breslow is not known), is the longest-serving director, since 1988.

Alteon 2002 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Moore joined Biopure Corp. in June 2002 as President, CEO and Director. His fellow directors include C. Everett Koop, who has been a director since 1990 (ever since his job as US Surgeon General ended.) Director J. Richard Crout is the former head of the Office of Medical Applications of Research at the National Institutes of Health and was director of the Bureau of Drugs at the FDA. Director Charles A. Sanders is a principal of the Washington Advisory Group, an emeritus board member of Research!America, and has many other unsavory connections.

Biopure 2003 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

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