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Taylor was Acting Chairman of the American Health Foundation from June 1986 to September 1987, and Chairman from October 1987 at least until February 1993. He was the President of Louis Harris and Associates, the polling firm.

Taylor was born in Iran ~1934 and graduated from Cambridge in 1958. (New President named at Louis Harris firm. By Lydia Chavez. New York Times, Jul. 28, 1981.) After seven years in the British Army, Taylor "began working in survey research with a leading British firm, National Opinion Polls Ltd., of which he became director in 1965. In 1966 he left to found his own company, Opinion Research Centre, of which he was Chief Executive Officer from its foundation until 1976... While at Opinion Research Centre, Mr. Taylor conducted all of the private political polling for the Conservative Party and was a close advisor to Mr. Edward Heath in the 1970 campaign (in which Mr. Heath and the Tories scored an unexpected victory) and subsequently to Mrs. Margaret Thatcher. He also conducted surveys for most of the largest British companies, including Shell, BP, Unilever, ICI, BAT, for many government agencies, and all the larger British banks." In 1970, Opinion Research Centre was acquired by Louis Harris and Associates, and Taylor became President of Louis Harris International. (Taylor bio (redacted), estimated date 1980.)

Taylor bio (redacted), ca. 1980 / UCSF-Legacy

Humphrey Taylor was a reporter for the British Broadcasting Corporation, at the Philip Morris Political Action Committee's "Campaign Countdown '80."

PHILPAC 1980 / UCSF-Legacy

Taylor was the Project Director of "Public Attitudes Toward Risk," a survey conducted by Louis Harris and Associates for The Insurance Information Institute in August 1983. It included questions about smoking and about the insurance industry (p. 54).

Public Attitudes Toward Risk, 1983 / UCSF-Legacy

Taylor was the project director of "Prevention in America: The Experts Rate 65 Steps to Better Health," conducted for Prevention Magazine in October 1983, by Louis Harris and Associates. "The sample included Medical School Chairmen of Preventive Medicine, Public Health School Deans, Chairmen of Health Education, government officials, journal editors, spokesmen for medical organizations and other experts," p. 9.

Prevention in America, 1983 / UCSF-Legacy

Taylor participated in the Advocacy Institute's workshop, "Media Strategies for Smoking Control," for the National Cancer Institute's Smoking, Tobacco, and Cancer Program, in January 1988. Other participants included Alan Blum of DOC; Stanton Glantz; Karen Menichelli and Carolyn Sachs of the Benton Foundation; Garfield Mahood of the Nonsmokers' Rights Association (Canada); and fellow Brit David Simpson of British ASH.

Media Strategies for Smoking Control, 1988 / UCSF-Legacy

Humphrey Taylor and Harris Associates also did "The Prevention Index 1992 A Report Card on the Nation's Health - A Project of Prevention Magazine," their 9th annual survey (p. 9).

The Prevention Index 1992 / UCSF-Legacy

Humphrey Taylor was a member of Sen. John D. Rockefeller's (D-WV) Alliance for Health Reform, composed of Taylor and other pollsters, "with the purpose of examining and researching the political aspects of health care reform," meaning to lobby for it. (Bureau of National Affairs, July 26, 1991.)

BNA 1991 / UCSF-Legacy

Taylor bio from Prevention Magazine, circa 1992: "... In 1970, he moved to New York as Chief Operating Officer of Louis Harris and Associates. He was appointed President in 1981 and C.E.O. in 1992... Mr. Taylor is Chairman of the Board of the American Health Foundation, is a Trustee of the Overseas Devlopment Council, the Roper Center, and of the National Council on Published Polls" (pp. 21-22).

Taylor bio, ca. 1992 / UCSF-Legacy

Taylor has been a public trustee of the American Academy of Ophthalmology since 1994.

Taylor bio / American Academy of Ophthalmology

Hate propaganda from the 2001 Harris Poll: "Humphrey Taylor, chairman of the Harris Poll, said: 'These survey data leave little room to doubt that the power of nicotine addiction is the main reason smoking has not declined any faster, even though most smokers would like to, and try to, give up." (Deadly addiction beats bids to quit. By Katherine Hoby and Reuters. New Zealand Herald Online 2001 Feb. 19.) Fascists like Taylor don't want to admit that they're interrogating wimps who tell pollsters what they think they want to hear. Furthermore, if the people knew the truth instead of nothing but health fascist lies, those pollsters would be getting a big earful of things they do NOT want to hear.

Taylor / New Zealand Herald 2001

Taylor's self-aggrandizing bio at Harris Interactive should be viewed with the insight that his job as a pollster is to measure how well the public has been deceived by the health establishment's campaigns of lies and propaganda. It also notes that "He is Chairman of the National Council of Public Polls, a board member of the Overseas Development Council, a trustee of the Roper Center, the Royal Society of Medicine Foundation, Inc., the National Organization on Disability, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the National Academy on Aging. He also serves on the Council on Graduate Medical Education and the Advisory Committee for the National Academy of Sciences Office of Public Understanding of Science."

Taylor bio / Harris Interactive

He forgot to mention that he is also a member of the Lasker Trust's Funding First Leadership Team, and a director of the Lasker Foundation.

Leadership Team / Funding First

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