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The Tisch family was a bunch of anti-smokers, and they controlled Lorillard Tobacco to ensure that it didn't contest the anti-smokers' massive scientific fraud.

Tisch Political Contributions

"...While Al Gore is positioning himself as a champion 'for the people and against the powerful,' Gore's close friend, key funder and longtime 'kitchen cabinet' member, Jonathan Tisch, is the CEO of the Loews Corporation. In the last three years, Tisch has personally given Democrats $335,500 in soft money contributions. (Two Tisch-owned companies gave another $290,000 to the Republicans.) Tisch personally gives hard money contributions at $1,000 a shot exclusively to Democrat candidates with only one exception -- a Republican who sits on a committee affecting the entertainment industry. (Jonathan's brother Steve is a film mogul at Universal.) Among the Democrats Tisch funds are Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Charles Robb, Mary Landrieu, Christopher Dodd, Bob Kerrey, John Kerry, Charles Schumer, Tom Daschle, Byron Dorgan, Robert Torricelli, Barbara Mikulski, Charles Rangel, Eric Vitaliano, Nita Lowey, Jerry Nadler, Patrick Leahy, Robert Wexler, Bob Graham, Harry Reid, Shelley Berkley, Jonathan Miller, Mel Carnahan, Carolyn Maloney, John Tanner, Jon Corzine, Sam Farr, Thomas Carper and Robert Weygand."

"Jonathan is not the only Tisch who gives to Democrats, moreover. The Tisch family's political contributions fill up 25 pages of the Federal Election Commission reports. In addition to Jonathan, there are Alice, Andrew, Daniel, James, Joan, Laura, Merryl, Robert, Steve, Tommy and Wilma Tisch. In addition to Jonathan's Democrats, the siblings give to Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Sam Gejdenson, Fritz Hollings, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden and Tom Harkin, among others. (Two or three Tisches also give to Republicans.) And to square their liberal circles, they give both to Emily's List and the tobacco lobby [sic]." (Hypocrisy Convention, by David Horowitz. Salon Magazine, Aug. 21, 2000.)

Horowitz, 2000 / Salon Magazine


In the 1980s, anti-smoker media mogul Ted Turner made a hostile takeover bid for William Paley's CBS television network, whereupon Paley "saved" CBS by inviting anti-smoker Laurence A. Tisch to join its Board of Directors. When Paley stepped down in 1986, Tisch became CBS' major shareholder and CEO, and he proceeded to trash the formerly dominant firm. Tisch is remembered by the media with particularly loathing for how he slashed the news staff, but it has never dawned on them that this was just part of far more ambitious plan to tighten the Lasker Syndicate's control of the news. His bio at the Museum of Broadcast Communications notes that he was a member of William Donovan's Office of Strategic Services, the OSS, during World War II.

Laurence Tisch bio / Museum of Broadcast Communications

Warren Buffett's Circle

"Tisch's interest in media probably began with his friendship with Warren E. Buffet, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., an Omaha, Neb., investment company, and a man whom Tisch calls 'the greatest investor of this generation.' Buffett for years has bought media stocks and until recently served on the board of the Washington Post Company. Tisch and a group of business leaders and investors go away together every two years on a trip organized by Buffett - to Aspen, Colo., for example, or to England on the QE2. The group includes Katharine Graham, head of the Washington Post Company, and Thomas S. Murphy, head of Capital Cities." The CBS board also included Marietta Tree; James R. Houghton, chairman and CEO of Corning Glass; Henry B. Schacht, chairman and CEO of Cummins Engine; Edson W. Spencer, chairman and CEO of Honeywell; and Franklin A. Thomas of the Ford Foundation. (Gambling on CBS. By Ken Auletta. New York Times, Jun. 8, 1986.) The network around Buffett also included Katharine Graham's son; former Johnson & Johnson chairman James Burke; James D. Robinson, former chairman of American Express; and Philip Morris director and former head of Citicorp John S. Reed.

"SEC Probed Profits of Tisch in Inquiry Into Time Warner." Wall Street Journal, June 2, 1994, p. 88 (p. 12): "According to Daniel Tisch's testimony, his father directed him to sell short 10,000 shares of Time Warner stock in May and June 1991, shortly before and after the company announced a stock-rights offering intended to help retire some of the debt from the merger that created the company. The terms of the offering were widely unpopular with shareholders, causing the company's share price to drop. Time Warner ultimately revamped the rights offering after shareholders helped persuade the SEC to block it... In addition, Daniel Tisch said, his father 'had a practice of shorting securities for years and years,' including, at times, the stocks of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Coca-Cola Co."

Wall Street Journal, 1994 / UCSF-Legacy

In 1994, Loews Corp. owned 19.56% of CBS. Laurence A. and Preston R. Tisch were directors. Other directors included Harold Brown (CBS director since 1981, also a director of Philip Morris and Cummins Engine Co., a trustee of the RAND Corp., and a general partner of Warburg, Pincus Co. since 1990); Henry A. Kissinger, President Nixon's Assistant for National Security Affairs from 1969 to 1975; Henry B. Schacht of Cummins Engine Co.; Edson W. Spencer, CEO of Honeywell and chairman of the Ford Foundation board of trustees from 1988 to 1992; and Franklin A. Thomas, president and CEO of the Ford Foundation since 1979, and a director of Cummins Engine Co. and PepsiCo. In 1997, Loews sold CBS to Westinghouse.

CBS 1994 Form DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
CBS 1995 Form DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Laurence A. Tisch, Supporter of Education, Cornell, Dies at 80. By Erica Temel. Cornell Daily Sun Nov. 21, 2003.

Laurence A. Tisch obit / Cornell University

CNA (Continental Insurance)

CNA 1994 Board of Directors (10): Three are longtime executives of CNA (Chookaszian, Engel and Noha, who is also on the board of Loews). Three are Tischs, James S., Laurence A., and Preston R. Richard L. Thomas is also on the board of Sara Lee Corp., which is part of the Illinois Interlock associated with William Blair & Co. Marvin Zonis is professor of political economy at the University of Chicago, where William Blair & Co. partners are very influential on the Board of Trustees. Antoinette Cook Bush is the stepdaughter of Vernon Jordan, said to be "one of President Clinton's closest friends and a key figure in the probe of Monica Lewinsky's relationship with the president" (Jordan's 10 Board Positions Worth $1.1 Million. By Brett D. Fromson. Washington Post Feb. 6, 1998, p G01.). Jordan is also on the board of Sara Lee, and his second wife is on the board of Johnson & Johnson. The remaining director of CNA is Robert P. Gwinn, retired chairman and CEO of Encylopedia Britannica, Chicago.

CNA 1994 Form DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
Fromson / Washington Post 1998

CNA 2002 Board of Directors (11 plus one nominee): Three are CNA executives (Hengesbaugh, Lilienthal and Noha, who is also on the board of Loews). Joseph Rosenberg also a Loews executive. Three are Tischs (James S., Laurence A., and Preston R. Marvin Zonis of the University of Chicago is a director, and Don M. Randel, president of the University of Chicago since July 2000, is a nominee. Antoinette Cook Bush continues. The remaining director is Walter L. Harris, President and CEO of Tanenbaum-Harbor Co., and director of Metropolitan National Bank and American Progessive Life & Health Insurance.

CNA 2002 Form DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

William Blair & Company was the original financier of CNA.

Automatic Data Processing

Anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) was a co-founder and the chairman, president and CEO of ADP until elected to the US Senate in 1982. Laurence A. Tisch has been on the board of directors of ADP since 1972; Joseph Califano, an anti-smoker since the Johnson administration, has been on its board since 1982; Ann Dibble Jordan, who is also a director of Johnson & Johnson and a former director of Capital Cities/ABC, has been on the board since 1993; and Frederic V. Malek, a Bush crony who is implicated in the Northwest Airlines smoking ban, the domestic airline smoking ban, and the corrupt EPA ETS report, has been on the board since 1978.

ADP 2002 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commisssion

New York University

Laurence Tisch has been a Trustee of New York University since 1966 and was Chairman from 1978 to 1998. Directors of Loews Corp. who are also trustees of NYU include John Brademas, president emeritus of NYU and a director of Loews since 1982; Paul J. Fribourg, Laurence A. Tisch and his brother, Preston Robert Tisch. Other NYU trustes are Mrs. Elmer H. Bobst, and John L. Vogelstein of E.M. Warburg Pincus & Co.

Board of Trustees / New York University
Press Release / NYU 1998

Preston Robert Tisch was a director of the Council for Tobacco Research from 1971 to 1978, including the Executive Committee from 1971-74; and a member of the Executive Committee of the Tobacco Institute from 1971 to 1977. (The Council for Tobacco Research - U.S.A., Inc., Certificate of Incorporation, Oct. 8, 1971, page 16.)

CTR-USA Certificate of Incorporation, 1971 / UCSF-Legacy

"Tisch Hospital, the University Hospital of New York University, was added to the Medical Center in 1963. It was renamed in 1989 after receiving a $30 million endowment from Lawrence Tisch to recruit new medical school faculty."

Tisch Hospital / NYU

Alice Tisch, Laurence A. Tisch, and Thomas J. Tisch are trustees of New York University Hospital Center. Other trustees include Pei-yuan Chia, director of Baxter International, and former Citibank executive under John S. Reed, both of whom resigned after a money-laundering scandal. Thomas S. Murphy, former Chairman and CEO of Capital Cities/ABC, is a Life Trustee.

Board of Trustees / NYU Hospitals Center

Alice M. Tisch and Thomas J. Tisch are Trustees of the New York University School of Medicine Foundation. Other trustees include David Baltimore, Mamdouha Bobst, and Edgar Bronfman Jr. Thomas S. Murphy, former Chairman and CEO of Capital Cities/ABC, is a Life Trustee.

Board of Trustees / NYU School of Medicine Foundation

The University of Michigan

"The Tisch Foundation, Inc., has pledged $6 million to the University of Michigan to support the new humanities building of U-M's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts... The building will be named Tisch Hall. Preston Robert Tisch and his family also have pledged $1.5 million in support of the new tennis facility of the U-M Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, which will be named the Preston Robert Tisch Tennis Building." (University of Michigan News Release, Dec. 19, 1996.)

News Release / University of Michigan 1996

The Tisch Foundation

Although the IRS prohibits 501(c)(3) organizations from lobbying, the Samuel Bronfman Foundation, Turner Foundation, Tisch Foundation, and other foundations funded the major groups which organized to oppose former Senator John Ashcroft's nomination for attorney general. "Ashcroft and Advocacy. Did foundations cross the line?" by Evan Gahr.

Gahr / Philanthropy Roundtable

The Loews Foundation (Lorillard Tobacco) financially supported the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management scholarship program at UNC-CH since 1969. Leo Bristin (sp?) of Lorillard presents $5000 to Dean Paul Rizzo. (Loews Foundation Gives $5,000 to UNC-Chapel Hill Consortium. Lorillard Informer 1992 July/August, p. 7.) Rizzo was Vice Chairman of IBM, one of the anti-smoking corporate villains involved in the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health, and a director of the Johnson & Johnson Co. from 1982.

Lorillard Informer 1992 / UCSF-Legacy
Lorillard Informer 1991 / UCSF-Legacy
Lorillard Informer 1989 / UCSF-Legacy

The Council on Foreign Relations

Laurence Alan Tisch is on the 2001 Membership Roster of the CFR.

Membership Roster / CFR

Petrie Stores

Tisch was a director of Petrie Stores, owned by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Trustee and Cornell Medical Center benefactor Mrs. Milton Petrie and her husband, from 1984 until it was merged into Toys "R" Us in 1994. Fellow directors included Raymond S. Troubh, the "corporate governance maven" sent to deal with Enron who is an in-law of its original investors, the Loeb family, who were also major benefactors of the Harvard School of Public Health. Milton S. Gould, the attorney appointed to run the Tobacco Institute when it was placed in receivership in 1988, was the attorney for the receiver of the stores that became Toys 'R' Us.

Petrie Stores 1994 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Daniel R. Tisch

In 1988 and 1989, a person named Daniel R. Tisch was Project Director of the Smoking and Health Project of The Circle, Inc., a McLean, Virginia firm which was highly involved in two Surgeon General reports: "The Health Consequences of Smoking NICOTINE ADDICTION," 1988, Introduction, p. 21; and "Reducing the Health Consequences of Smoking 25 YEARS OF PROGRESS," 1989, Introduction, p. 22.

Nicotine Addiction, 1988 / CDC (pdf)
25 Years of Progress, 1989 / CDC (pdf)

Wolverine Investors of Chicago owned 12.49% of the stock of Specialty Chemical Resources Inc. in 1999. Newton Minow and Daniel Tisch were trustees of each of the Trusts which were the general partners of Wolverine Investors. The beneficiaries of each of the Trusts were family members of J. Ira Harris.

Specialty Chemical Resources 1999 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Ira Harris and Felix Rohatyn of Lazard Freres were advisors to the RJ Reynolds special committee of outside directors concerning its buy-out. (RJR Board Asserts Independence In Buy-Out Decisions. By J. Helyar et al. Wall Street Journal Nov. 9, 1988 p. A1. In: News Briefs. Awareness Bulletin, Lorillard Inc. Nov. 23 1988;18(18), pp. 13-17.)

Awareness Bulletin Nov. 23, 1988 / UCSF-Legacy

Andrew H. Tisch, Daniel R. Tisch, James S. Tisch, and Thomas J. Tisch are big shareholders in Neurogen. Directors include RAND Trustee Frank Carlucci and Robert N. Butler, a correspondent of Florence Mahoney and Mary Lasker and founding director of the National Institute of Aging, who testified at the 1993 "Preventive Health" hearings for exorbitant cigarette taxes to fund the Clinton socialized medicine scheme.

Neurogen 2003 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

James S. Tisch

Loews Corp. is the majority owner of Diamond Offshore Drilling, and James S. Tisch is its Chairman of the Board, CEO and a director. "Corporate governance maven" Raymond S. Troubh has been a director since 1991.

Diamond Offshore Drilling 2003 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

James S. Tisch gave $15 million to educational broadcasting company WNET, the single largest gift in its 50-year history. "Mr. Tisch became Chairman of the Board of Trustees of WNET.ORG (then called Educational Broadcasting Corporation) in 2007. A major philanthropist and supporter of the arts, culture and humanity in New York City, Tisch serves on the boards of some of New York’s leading not-for-profit institutions, including Mount Sinai Medical Center and The New York Public Library. His wife, Merryl H. Tisch, serves as Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents." (With a Landmark Philanthropic Gift, WNET.ORG Will Name Its New Lincoln Center Studios in Honor of Board Chairman James S. Tisch and His Wife, Merryl H. Tisch. EON, May 7, 2010.) Tisch is also a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Landmark Philanthropic Gift, 2010 / Businesswire

Steve Tisch

Steve Tisch has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the UCLA Medical Center.

Steve Tisch /

Trimeris Inc.

Tisch brothers Andrew, Daniel, James and Thomas own about a quarter of the company, which develops news drugs for AIDS. (Tisches embrace Trimeris. By Sabine Vollmer. Triangle Business Journal Feb. 25, 2002.) Charles A. Sanders, emeritus director of Research!America and principal of the Washington Advisory Group, has been a director since 1996.

Tisches embrace Trimeris / Triangle Business Journal 2002

Loew's Theatres / Loews Corporation and Lorillard Tobacco

"Stockholders of Loew's Theatres, Inc., voted to increase the board from nine members to a maximum of fifteen and elected five new directors at the special meeting held here yesterday... The five Tisch nominees elected yesterday are Charles B. Benenson, officer and director of the Benenson Realty Corporation; James Bruce, director of several companies; Lewis Gruber, chairman of P. Lorillard Company; Preston R. Tisch, brother of Laurence Tisch, and Jay Wells, president of Wells Televison Inc. The other three are Simon H. Rifkind, partner in Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, New York law firm, Herbert A. Hoffman, executive vice president and director of Tisch Hotels, and Laurence Tisch." (Loew's Theatres Increases Board. New York Times, May 27, 1960.) Wells was the founder of Wells Television, the largest supplier of rental TVs to hotels and hospitals. (Jay Wells, 73, Founder of Rental-TV Concern. New York Times, Jan. 4, 1990.) James Bruce was a director of General American Investors.

"Paul, Weiss, Rifkin, Wharton & Garrison... Partners from the Chicago office, which is no longer in existence, were the following: Adlai Stevenson, U.N., Willard Wirtz, Labor Department; Newton Minow, chairman of the FCC; and William McCormick Blair, ambassador to Denmark. After Paul's death and Stevenson's departure, what was left of the Washington office was merged into the Washington firm of Arnold, Fortas and Porter..." Clients included Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co. and Young & Rubicam International, Inc. The source given for this is the book, Lions in the Street; the Inside Story of the Great Law Firms, by Paul Hoffman (1973). In the New York office, partner John F. Wharton had been a director of Benson & Hedges and Tobacco & Allied Stocks in 1954; in 1960; and in 1977, partner Morris B. Abram was a member of the Citizens' Committee of the Citizens' Campaign Against Bootleg Cigarettes.

Report to the NCSPP, ca. 1977 [p10] / UCSF-Legacy

Lester Pollack was appointed general counsel for Loew's Theatres in 1965. "He had been with the National General Corporation and before that was a partner in the New York law firm of Booth, Lipton & Lipton." (Loew's Theatres Fills Post. New York Times, Oct. 26, 1965.) He became a partner of Lazard Freres in 1986.

Loew's Theatres Inc. 1965 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loew's Theatres Inc. 1966 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loew's Theatres Inc. 1967 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

Loew's Corporation acquired Lorillard Corporation in 1968. "The Loew's-Lorillard deal was arranged within a week, after Mr. Tisch learned from the investment banking firm of Lazard Freres & Co. that Lorillard might be amenable to merger overtures. Mr. Tisch and Manuel Yellen, chairman of Lorillard, are old friends, and Lewis Gruber, Lorillard's honorary chairman, has been a member of the Loew's board since 1960." (Loew's Makes Bid to Buy Lorillard. By Leonard Sloane. New York Times, Sep. 6, 1968.) Tisch was also a director of the Sun Chemical Corporation, the Grand Union Company, Madison Square Garden, the Manhattan Fund, and Northwest Industries Inc. (Hotel Man With A Bankroll. New York Times, Sep. 6, 1968.) Yellen retired in 1970 as CEO of Lorillard and vice chairman of Loew's. He had been with the company since 1933. (Yellen Retires As Lorillard's Chief. Wall Street Journal, Aug. 25, 1970.)

Sloane, New York Times, Sep. 6, 1968 / UCSF-Legacy
New York Times, Sep. 6, 1968 / UCSF-Legacy
Loew's Theatres Nov. 21, 1968 S-1 / UCSF-Legacy
Loew's Theatres Inc. 1968 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1969 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

Curtis H. Judge joined the Board as President of Lorillard, and Sidney Fread left.

Loews Corp. 1970 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1971 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1972 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1973 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1975 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

Loew's Theatres, Inc. owned a sizable number of shares of Morton-Norwich Products and Household Finance Corp. in 1976.

Loews Corp. 1976 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1977 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1978 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

Lester Pollack left Loew's in 1979 to join United Brands Company, but remained on Loew's board of directors, and as chairman and a director of CNA Financial, which was 57% owned by Loew's. ('The Third Tisch Brother' Is Leaving the Nest. New York Times, May 4, 1979.)

Loews Corp. 1979 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1980 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1981 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

Between 1982 and 1985, toxicologist Connie J. Stone of Lorillard pointed out numerous corrections in reports relating to the Microbiological Associates mouse inhalation studies, which provided a pretext for months of anti-smoking propaganda, to their co-author, Carol J. Henry - who later joined ICF Inc., which handled the illegal pass-through contracts by which the "EPA" report on passive smoking was funded. Henry also did on-site consulting for Lorillard Tobacco Co. while she was at ICF, between 1986 and 1987.

Loews Corp. 1982 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1983 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1984 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

In 1985, J. Robert Ave became the new President of Lorillard, and Curtis H. Judge retired and left the Board.

Loews Corp. 1985 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1986 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1987 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1988 Proxy / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1989 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1990 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1991 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1992 Proxy / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1992 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy
Loews Corp. 1993 Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

Rosenman & Colin was the lobbyist for Loews Corporation and Loews Theatres in 1993. They also lobbied for the New York Hospital. (1993 Lobbyist Annual Report. Office of the City Clerk, The City of New York, p. 31.)

1993 Lobbyist Annual Report / UCSF-Legacy

(Loews to Spin Off Lorillard Tobacco. By Geraldine Fabrikant. New York Times, Dec. 18, 2007.)

Loews to Spin Off Lorillard Tobacco / New York Times

"From an initial investment of about $450 million to buy Lorillard in 1968, Loews has reaped big rewards. 'Loews’s overall profit, excluding dividends, approximates $10 billion,' said Erik A. Bloomquist, a financial analyst for JPMorgan Securities... In the spinoff, James and the other two Tisch family members on the Loews board, whose combined holdings amounted to about 6 percent of the stock in Loews, retained no stakes in the tobacco company or plan to hold executive or board positions in it. ... Even before Tuesday’s spinoff Loews has been gradually reducing its stake in Lorillard. Since 2002, shares in Lorillard were available to the public through a tracking stock called Carolina Group... Other members of the family, who before the spinoff controlled about 17 percent of shares in Loews, did not disclose whether they would retain those shares or swap them for Lorillard stock... " "Joseph A. Califano Jr., the former federal health secretary under President Jimmy Carter, said he had known the Tisch family for years and that decades ago, 'Larry Tisch was talking about finding a way to get rid of Lorillard.' The Tisch family was a bunch of anti-smokers, and their purpose in controlling the company was to ensure that it didn't contest the anti-smokers' massive scientific fraud, of deliberately using defective studies in order to falsely blame for diseases that are actually caused by infection; and to assist the anti-smokers by staging events to incite anti-smoker propaganda. THIS is how they proposed to "get rid of Lorillard!" But see the lying media filth at the New York Times, who have spewed the anti-smokers' fraud in our faces for six decades, spin-doctor their involvement as a phony moral dilemma. In fact, the whole article is nothing but a pretext for the putrid anti-smoking vermin to spew their slimy propaganda. (Profits in Hand, Wealthy Family Cuts Tobacco Tie. By Stephanie Saul. New York Times, Jun. 11, 2008.)

Profits in Hand, Wealthy Family Cuts Tobacco Tie / New York Times

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