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Anti-Smokers Gloat Over UN Smoking Ban

The Wall Street and CIA-connected anti-smoking conspirators installed their lackeys in positions of power in countries around the world, to rubber-stamp their WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This ensured that, by the time any so-called "discussion" arose, it was all over except for the bloodsuckers gloating over how they "won fair and square." This is what they've done to Americans for decades. This is the fraudulent "U.S.-style democracy" that our soldiers are commanded to die for! And they wonder why the world isn't grateful! (First global smoking ban to come into effect. By Richard Waddington, Reuters, Dec. 1, 2004.) Neen Hunt of the Lasker Foundation is a former Chief Operating Officer of United Nations Association - USA.

Global Smoking Ban / Independent Online
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control / United Nations

The United Nations and Anti-Smoking By Assassination

The World Health Organization awarded its prize for best anti-smoking and nutrition programs to Al-Manar/Hizbollah television in Lebanon. The leadership of this organization has effectively been selected by Mossad assassination squads! (World Health Organization (WHO) awards prize to Al-Manar/Hizbollah. World Jewish Congress, Jan. 11, 2005; 'Mossad Fiasco' in New Zealand should ring alarm bells. By Ed Blanche. The Beirut Daily Star, Jul. 24, 2004.)

WHO Awards Prize / World Jewish Congress
Mossad Fiasco / The Daily Star

Ted Turner's Billions Helped Corrupt the United Nations

"Ted Turner's United Nations Foundation: Making the UN a Pawn for Tax-Exempt Special Interests," by Cliff Kincaid. Capital Research Center Foundation Watch, Mar 1999. Supposedly, the United Nations is strictly forbidden by its charter from accepting donations that are not from member countries. At least, that's why they said they couldn't accept Ted Turner's money to pay the US's dues. But UN Secretary General Kofi Annan happily bent the rules to accept Turner's money for anti-smoking purposes. He created a special "Fund for International Partnerships," reporting directly to himself, to funnel the money. "For example, a 1998 grant made jointly to WHO and UNICEF supports their efforts to promote 'long-term strategies' to ensure 'tobacco-free children and youth.' No doubt the US tobacco control movement is going global. Once again, children are the excuse for new taxes and regulations on the tobacco industry. The UN Foundation claims 'this project is the single largest grant ever made to prevent and discourage international tobacco use among children and adolescents." Best of all, the 10 annual installments of $100 million in Time-Warner stocks will probably save his heirs $100 million in estate taxes.

Kincaid / Capital Research Center 1999
Ted Turner donates $1 billion to 'UN causes' / CNN 1997

Turner is on the Board of Directors of the UN Association USA foundation, along with Lasker Foundation Treasurer and past Warburg, Pincus partner Christopher Brody. Edward C. Harris, the treasurer of the Turner Foundation, is also the treasurer of the United Nations Foundation.

Board of Directors / UNA-USA

Ted Turner is said to be a member of the Society of the Pacifica House, the secret society of Brown University, which was founded about ten years before the more famous Skull & Bones. The two societies both have fifteen members from each class. (Society of the Pacifica House. Wikipedia.)

Society of the Pacifica House / Wikipedia

Turner's crony, former U.S. Senator Timothy Wirth, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, 2001.

CFR Membership Roster 2001 (pdf, 19pp)

Although the IRS prohibits 501(c)(3) organizations from lobbying, the Samuel Bronfman Foundation, Turner Foundation, Tisch Foundation, and other foundations funded the major groups which organized to oppose former Senator John Ashcroft's nomination for attorney general. "Ashcroft and Advocacy. Did foundations cross the line?" by Evan Gahr.

Gahr / Philanthropy Roundtable

Ted Turner's Ties to Public Broadcasting

PBS signed Turner Home Entertainment to distribute PBS Home Video cassettes, with Turner contributing $10 million. (PBS makes a different home video deal with Turner. Current 1994.)

Turner / Current 1994

One of Turner's daughters is married to the son of PBS President Pat Mitchell's husband. Also, Mitchell once worked for Turner, and "they're very much on a first-name basis." (Passing conversation: Turner backing for Moyer's productions. Current 2001.)

Turner / Current 2001

CNN Smoking Ban Memo

Philip Morris memo regarding former CNN anchorperson Gwenn Scott and Ted Turner's 1987 smoking ban at CNN. "During discussions to renew her contract, Turner demanded that she either give up smoking or leave the network. Since she was unwilling to comply with the smoking directive, she is now seeking other employment. According to Ms. Scott, Turner's anti-smoking policy is used to discriminate against certain employees while others are allowed to smoke freely... She went on to mention that it is common knowledge that Turner sits in his office and smokes marijuana and that the reason he decided to 'crackdown' on smoking is due to the demands of his current girlfriend" [Jane Fonda]. (Alan R. Miller to Guy L. Smith. Philip Morris USA, Interoffice Memo, Jul. 17, 1987.)

CNN 1987 Smoking Ban / UCSF-Legacy

CNN Propaganda

Former Winston model David Goerlitz interviewed by Bella Shaw. (Winston model testifies, July 25, 1989. Radio TV Reports Inc. for The Tobacco Institute.)

Winston Model Testifies / UCSF-Legacy

Former US Rep. Timothy E. Wirth

Wirth Congressional bio / US Congress

Wirth's involvement in anti-smoking dates from his days in the office of HEW Secretary Wilbur Cohen as a White House Fellow from 1967-68, when he attended the meetings of the Joint Committee on Tobacco and Health. (William Kloepfer Jr., Tobacco Institute Vice President of Public Relations, memorandum to Henry Ramm, April 8, 1970.) His subsequent appointments (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Eduation 1969-70) and election as Democratic US Representative (1974-87) and Senator from Colorado until 1993, were were no doubt helped by Lasker Syndicate connections.

Kloepfer to Ramm, 1970 / UCSF-Legacy

In 1987, Wirth was a co-sponsor of the Hatch Bill, S. 51, to prohibit smoking in public conveyances. (Tobacco Institute Federal Relations Report, May 29, 1987.)

TI Federal Relations Report, May 29, 1987 / UCSF-Legacy

Wirth is on the Advisory Board of the Pan American Health Organization of the WHO, along with Mohammad N. Akhter of the American Public Health Association; former Acting Assistant Secretary for Health Jo Ivey Boufford; William H. Foege, of the CDC's "Healthy People" program; and former CDC Director Jeffrey Koplan.

Advisory Board / Pan American Health Organization

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