Wisconsin City Smoking Bans

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The Anti-smokers' Funding Sources

Wisconsin ASSIST: Our tax dollars used to persecute us!
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Madison Smoking Bans

Anti-Smoker Billions Manufacture Phony "Reality"

The anti-smokers are pretending to refute claims that smoking bans are bad for business by trotting out counterclaims that the number of liquor licenses has increased. They think we're such stupid little children that we'll believe that pure market forces must be at work! As if! Smoking bans encourage a certain kind of business owner to enter the field - namely, ANTI-SMOKERS who know that their smokefree establishments couldn't survive without a ban to harm their competitors. And don't be surprised if they are getting a few thousand dollars of those countless anti-smoker billions to help. Anti-smoker subsidies would only have to last a few years, just long enough for the lying vermin to manufacture propaganda. And, when the moneybags eventually leave their friends to sink or swim, there won't be any anti-smoker propaganda-manufacturers around doing studies about it.

And another thing we can count on, is that the media will NEVER tell us the truth about anti-smoker payoffs and passthroughs, etc. Remember, the media are such lying scum of the earth that they have never told the public about the anti-smokers' corruption of the EPA or their systematic scientific fraud. ALWAYS REMEMBER, just like in George Orwell's 1984, 2 plus 2 equals four - and always did and always will. If this was really about free competition, the anti-smokers wouldn't have to ban smoking for their businesses to survive. And this endless succession of Orwellian lies and deceit is why anti-smoker amerika is the epitome of an evil totalitarian dictatorship that should be annihilated from the earth!

"Madison's indoor smoking ban hasn't scared off those looking to get into the bar and restaurant business, at least downtown. A total of 16 new Class B combination liquor licenses have been issued since the citywide indoor smoking ban took effect last July 1. That compares to 13 over the same six-month period in 2004. For all of 2005, 36 new liquor licenses were issued, up from 31 licenses issued in 2004. Supporters of the smoking ban say the number of new licenses issued proves that the hospitality industry in Madison has not been ruined by the ordinance. The city has 339 establishments with liquor licenses." "'We've said all along this is a public health issue,' said Gary Poulson, chair of the Tobacco Free Dane County Coalition. 'The fact that there are a number of new licensees confirms my belief that the hospitality sector in this city continues to be vibrant and that Madison is an outstanding place to do business.'" The vermin spout their lies about Appleton, too: "The city of Appleton, which also implemented an indoor smoking ban last July 1, has seen just one bar close. That is a five-year low in the number of bar closings, according to city officials there. 'I can't help but conclude Appleton's smoking ban hasn't had a negative effect on businesses,' health officer Kurt Eggebrecht told the Appleton Post-Crescent. He said there are also six applications on the waiting list." (Not Smoked Out. By Mike Ivey. The Capital Times, Feb. 17, 2006.) The rotten media whores have allowed that scumbag Poulson and and all of his ilk to spout their scientific fraud as fact, and have never allowed informed smokers' advocates a forum to refute them. This is how they have ALL deliberately used lies and deceit to lay the foundation for the smoking ban, which THEY want to ram down the worlds' throat!

Not Smoked Out, Feb. 17, 2006 / The Capital Times

Why a Referendum Is a Public Travesty

The anti-smokers want a referendum because, if they win, they can falsely pretend that "the people have spoken" and therefore, their opponents are supposed to shut up. On the other hand, if they lose, they'll simply refuse to repeal the ban, and their media propaganda machine will subject us to more anti-smoker lies and defamations to carpet-bomb us into submission. So the slimebags expect to have it both ways, as usual: Heads they win, tails we lose.

And, the truth we are not allowed to speak is that the public has been systematically subjected to only ONE SIDE of the issue: the anti-smokers' side. Their duplicitous media whores have made sure that public discussion is only permitted within the narrow, anti-smoker dictated frameworks of "freedom versus public health" or "It's bad for business."

The anti-smokers are given license spout health lies, over and over again, and no informed smoker is permitted to refute them. The anti-smokers are allowed to trumpet the EPA ETS report as "scientific proof" of the pretended "dangers" of secondhand smoke, while the public is not allowed to learn that this report was written via illegal pass-through contracts to a handpicked anti-smoking activist who was affiliated with the American Lung Association. The real EPA scientists who reviewed the report were opposed to labelling ETS a Group A carcinogen. Furthermore, on the board of directors of the pass-through company sat Fred Malek, a crony of President George W. Bush, about whom the media spouted geysers of indignation over his giving a seat on the board of directors of Caterair, while covering up the story EPA corruption. Malek was also a longtime director of anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg's company, ADP, and his wife was a member of the National Cancer Institute's National Cancer Advisory Board.

The EPA's ETS Lies

Furthermore, the anti-smokers are allowed to claim that smokers are killing babies from asthma, and the public is not allowed to know that the author of the EPA ETS report chapters on asthma no longer believes in the garbage that he wrote.

New Views About Asthma Causes

And on and on and on, with lie after lie after lie after lie. And then the media pretend that they have honestly represented smokers' point of view when they occasionally let anti-smoker-controlled Philip Morris lamely snivel that the evidence is "inconclusive," or give feeble-minded simpletons who swallow the anti-smokers' lies a forum upon which to gratifiy the anti-smokers with an abject, unconditional surrender by whimpering that they never smoke around children.

This is an absolute:


And anyone who calls for a referendum without demanding genuine FREE AND OPEN PUBLIC DISCUSSION first, is a an enemy of democracy.

Mayor Dave is in the Pocket of Health Charlatans

"Once it was the reason for an attempt to remove him from office, but Madison's smoking ban now appears to be rewarding Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's campaign for re-election. According to the latest filings, contributions from the medical community have amounted to about 13 percent of the money that Friends of Dave Cieslewicz has raised this year. In interviews this week, most of the donors downplayed the relevance of the smoking ban to their contributions. But two of three fundraising events that the Cieslewicz campaign hosted this year drew largely on health care providers, many of whom had not previously made contributions to the mayor's campaign. The first, hosted at the downtown restaurant Harvest, invited doctors and other medical professionals to a night of "Celebrating a Healthy Madison." The second, in June, was hosted at the home of Dr. Frank Byrne, president of St. Mary's Hospital. Of the donors who contributed above the level at which they are required to disclose their profession, at least 28 are connected to health care. Their donations - each $150 or more - totaled $9,662. And the list of Cieslewicz's donors includes the top tier of Madison's medical administrators, including University Hospital CEO Donna Sollenberger, UW Medical Foundation President and CEO Jeffrey Grossman, Group Health Cooperative CEO Carl Zanoni, UW Health CFO Gary Eiler and St. Mary's Hospital COO Jon Rozenfeld, among others. Sollenberger, Grossman, Zanoni and Rozenfeld all live outside Madison." Other anti-smoker doctors supporting Cieslewicz: Chris Hollenback, spokesman for the UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention and his boss, Michael Fiore, who declined to be interviewed; Dr. Allen Kemp, retired CEO of Dean Health System; Dr. Carl Getto of Fitchburg; Dr. Norman Fost of Madison; Dr. James Crow, retired dean of the UW Medical School; and John Sender, a public affairs official for the UW Medical Foundation. Mayoral spokesman George Twigg said that "In a seven-page review of the mayor's record prepared for editorial boards, for instance, there were three lines that mentioned the smoking ban in the context of economic development [emphasis added]. But Twigg said that Cieslewicz is 'certainly not going to shie away from his support of the smoking ban. The mayor has made public health a priority in his administration,' Twigg said, adding that 'the smoking ban was a policy that was put in place to protect public health.'" (Area medics give big to Cieslewicz. But they resist saying it's due to smoking ban. By Lee Sensenbrenner. The Capital Times, July 29, 2006.) Did the UW Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation use its biotech billions for economic blackmail and/or bribes?

Area medics give big to Cieslewicz, July 29, 2006 / Madison.com

Doctor, We Hate You!

Dr. Frank D. Byrne

"Byrne said that the event he and his family hosted for the mayor's campaign at his west side home was unrelated to his role as president of St. Mary's Hospital. "As a lung doctor, obviously having seen the harm that can occur from smoking and second-hand smoke, I'm in favor of the smoking ordinance," Byrne said Friday, "and I'm proud of Madison for having a smoking ordinance." (Area medics give big to Cieslewicz. But they resist saying it's due to smoking ban. By Lee Sensenbrenner. The Capital Times, July 29, 2006.) As a supposed lung doctor, Dr. Byrne is clearly a worthless, malice-ridden fraud. The death rates from asthma have more than doubled since the anti-smoking movement began - thanks to the eagerness of him and his ilk to ignore the role of infection - just as they ignore it in lung cancer! (SSM Health Care of Wisconsin Names Dr. Frank Byrne President of St. Marys Medical Center, Madison, WI. July 12, 2004.) SSM Health Care's motto is, "Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God." What's wrong, Dr. Byrne, didn't God heal your patients? So, this is what we're getting instead of REAL health care - RELIGIOUS BS!

SSM Health Care of Wisconsin Names Dr. Frank Byrne / SSM Health Care

Shortly after Byrne became President of St. Mary's, they banned smoking everywhere. "It's lights out at St. Mary's Hospital, as the Madison medical center begins the process of implementing a campus wide tobacco free policy," gloated WMTV. "'We understand that implementing this smoke free campus may cause concern or inconvenience for some of those we serve or their family members,' says Dr. Frank Byrne, President of St. Mary's Hopital, 'and we are committed to working with them to assist them through this process.'" What the filthy bastard means is quitting smoking, of course. (WI: St. Mary's Medical Center to Ban Smoking Campus Wide. ASH.org. Excerpts from: No Butts at St. Mary's WMTV, 08/13/04.)

St. Mary's Medical Center to Ban Smoking Campus Wide / ASH.org

As President of St. Mary's, Dr. Frank Byrne was the apologist when a 16-year-old patient died in childbirth at his hospital, after an epidural anesthetic was mistakenly administered intravenously. "Federal officials confirmed Friday night that they have issued an "immediate jeopardy" warning, saying patient safety is at risk... 'We have determined that the deficiencies are so serious they constitute an immediate threat to patient health and safety,' the letter stated, according to Bob Herskovitz, regional spokesman for the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services." (State Confirms Medical Error In Hospital Death Of Teen. Channel3000.com July 22, 2006; Hospital could lose Medicare contract following teen’s death. Associated Press, July 22, 2006.)

State Confirms Medical Error In Hospital Death Of Teen / Channel3000.com
Hospital could lose Medicare contract / JournalTimes.com

Byrne spoke in support of a bill that would cap medical malpractice awards for pain and suffering on Joy Cardin's program on Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR Audio Archives, Joy Cardin, March 6, 2006, 6am.)

WPR Audio Archives, Joy Cardin / Wisconsin Public Radio

In a guest column, Byrne shilled for the Lasker Lobby's agenda of universal health care (Extend Health Insurance to All. By Andy Heidt and Frank D. Byrne. Wisconsin State Journal, May 2, 2005. On: Covering Kids and Families Wisconsin.org)

Extend Health Insurance to All / Covering Kids and Families Wisconsin.org (pdf, 1p)

Byrne got his Masters in Medical Management in 1999 at the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management of Carnegie Mellon University, for whom he serves as a poster boy. "The Heinz School has consistently pursued two ideals: to create knowledge capable of supporting intelligent action in the service of the public interest and to train men and women capable of using that knowledge to change the world." - Mark Wessel, Dean. It is named for the late US Sen. Heinz, the only son of Henry John Heinz II, Skull & Bones 1931, who is lauded as "an instrumental force in the economic revitalization of Pittsburgh through cultural development," i.e., smug little Cultural Districts serving the tastes of the elites, which are the hallmark of those who trash working peoples' culture by outsourcing jobs and putting neighborhood bars and restaurants out of business with smoking bans. (MMM Core Courses; and: Senator H. John Heinz III. Carnegie Mellon University.)

MMM Core Courses / Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University
Senator H. John Heinz III / Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University

Byrne was a director of Amerinet Central, a healthcare provider group purchasing network, since at least 2000. (Amerinet Central Adds Three New Members to Board of Directors. Press Release, Oct. 9, 2003. Link died: amerinetcentral.org/press/acReleases_100903.aspx.)

Byrne is a director since 1999 of Lincare Holdings, Inc., a publicly traded medical equipment company. "Dr. Byrne serves as President of St. Marys Hospital Medical Center, a 440-bed community hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. From 1991 until 2004, he served Parkview Health, an integrated delivery network headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in a variety of executive, governance, and clinical leadership roles, including President of Parkview Hospital, from 1995 to 2002. Dr. Byrne practiced pulmonary and critical care medicine from 1982 to 1994. He is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and holds fellowships in the American College of Physicians, the American College of Chest Physicians, the American College of Healthcare Executives, and the American College of Physician Executives. Dr. Byrne has a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame, a Master of Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and an M.D. from the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center. He has attended the Executive Program at the University of Michigan Business School and corporate governance education programs at Harvard Business School and the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Byrne also serves as a Director of Steel Dynamics, Inc." Lincare is controlled by FMR Corp. [which held controlling interest in Philip Morris throughout the 1990s tobacco lawsuits!] 9.8%; Barclays Global Investors, NA 6.3%; GE Asset Management Incorporated 6.3%; Capital Group International, Inc. 6.2%; Columbia Wanger Asset Management, L.P. 5.3%; Capital Research and Management Company 5.2%; and officers/directors John P. Byrnes 3.1%, Shawn S. Schabel 1.3%, and Paul G. Gabos 1.2%. (Lincare Holdings 2006 DEF-14A.)

Lincare Holdings 2006 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

His fellow Lincare director, Stuart Harold Altman, is one of the highest of High Pooh-Bahs of Health Policy. Altman was a member of the board of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program, 1977-1983, and senior member of President Clinton's Health Policy Transition Team. He testified for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New Jersey against Philip Morris, et al. (for which he was paid $625 per hour plus expenses for preparation, and $7500 per day for deposition and trial appearances). The gist of his testimony was that, during the 1970s, within the US Government, a scheme was hatched to incite private insurers to charge smokers higher rates (in which Mr. Altman, as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning/Health 1971-76, was presumably a principal). He accuses the tobacco industry of "engag[ing] in an operation aimed at hindering, delaying or preventing premium differentials or price discounts for non-smokers" - nothwithstanding that this scheme was aimed at minimizing costs to private insurers, at the expense of the public treasury, which would be forced to assume the old age costs not paid for by private insurers. "The documents produced by the tobacco industry also indicate that the defendants attempted to counter workplace smoking restrictions and the implementatlon of wellness programs by health insurers. It appears that these actions were part of an effort by the tobacco industry to hinder health insurers from taking steps that could have partially protected them from the financial consequences of smoking-related illnesses among their insureds and the increased expenditures for smoking.related illnesses that they incurred." Let's see the insurance companies take on the excess old-age costs of their non-smokers, who are in fact being subsidized by smokers! This is a perfect example of corrupt bloodsuckers, who use public office on behalf of private gain, self-righteously marketing themselves as defenders of the public interest and accusing their victims of wrongdoing. (Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New Jersey vs. Philip Morris, Inc., et al. 98 Civ. 3287 (JBW), Feb. 27, 2001, p. 318; CV p. 307.)

Stuart Harold Altman deposition / UCSF (pdf, 525 pp)

Past directors of Lincare include Frank T. Cary, CEO of IBM (a company which performed indispensable recordkeeping services for anti-smoker A. Hitler) from 1973 to 1981; and Thomas O. Pyle, CEO of Harvard Community Health Plan from 1978 to1991. (Lincare Holdings 1999 DEF-14A.) In 1993, after the release of the "EPA" Report on secondhand smoke, ABC News conspired to brainwash Americans with lies about secondhand smoke and the tobacco industry in such a crude and heavy-handed manner, reminiscent of a Nazi dictatorship, that no intelligent person should have failed to be outraged. Frank T. Cary had been a director of Capital Cities / ABC since 1986.

Lincare Holdings 1999 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Byrne is also a director since 2005 of Steel Dynamics Inc., which owns and operates three steelmaking mini-mills, whose stock is owned by Barclays Global Investors, NA 20.1%, Lord Abbott & Co. LLC 8.6%, Putnam LLC d/b/a Putnam Investments 5.3%, and officers/directors John C. Bates 4.2%, Richard P. Teets, Jr 2.7%, Mark D. Millett 1.8%, and Keith E. Busse 1.3%. (Steel Dynamics Inc. 2005 & 2006 DEF-14A.)

Steel Dynamics Inc, 2005 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
Steel Dynamics Inc, 2006 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Byrne was formerly the head of Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. "Frank's no longer hospital president; a couple years ago he became vice-president of the hospital's foundation, giving money away to health-care charities and getting more into the public-policy end of administration." (The Park Bench. Nancynall.com, November 11, 2003)

The Park Bench / Nancynall.com

"Please send me literature regarding efforts to prevent minors from smoking." Frank D. Byrne, M.D. 2414 E. State St. Ste. 304 Ft. Wayne IN 46805. Undated, however, adjacent documents with the same request were dated from April 16-22, 1991. And: "April 26, 1991 Steve, Please send one T:HYSN [Tobacco: Helping Youth Say No] to each of the following addresses," including Byrne's.

Byrne letter, April 1991 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)
unknown to "Steve," Apr. 26, 1991 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

"Joining us live in our studio is Dr. Frank Byrne, a local pulmonologist who was one of the people who pushed for the total smoking ban at Parkview Hospital here in Fort Wayne. And via satellite from our Washington bureau [sic!], Thomas Lauria of the Tobacco Institute..." Byrne: I think one has to take issue with Mr. Lauria's comments. Well, indeed, he says many do not accept the statistical significance of these studies. The many who don't accept- don't accept them are probably all working for the Tobacco Institute." (Transcript, 21-Alive News, WPTA-TV, Channel 21, Fort Wayne, Indiana, July 17, 1990. Co-anchors Jane Hersha and Jeff Gilbert.)

Transcript, WPTA-TV, July 17, 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 5 pp)

The Madison Smoking Ordinance

On November 19, 2002, the Madison Common Council adopted several amendments to Section 23.05, Madison General Ordinances, effective January 2, 2003, banning smoking in all areas of restaurants, including dining rooms, kitchens, game rooms employee break rooms, storage rooms, rest rooms and office areas, and only allowing smoking in bar areas of full service restaurants and taverns ("any establishment whose sale of alcohol beverages accounts for more than 50% of its gross receipts for alcohol beverages and food"). After January 2, 2005, smoking was prohibited in restaurants whose sale of alcohol beverages accounted for less than 33% of the gross receipts for food and alcohol beverages; and after January 2, 2006, in restaurants' whose sale of alcohol beverages accounted for 33% to 50% of the gross receipts for food and alcohol beverages. Smoking was permitted in separately ventilated smoking rooms until January 2, 2006, providing that they were created before December 11, 2002.

Summary of Smoking Ban History / City of Madison
Madison General Ordinance on Smoking, Section 23.05 / City of Madison

Note that "Smoking" included any tobacco use at all, including chewing, which proves that its intent was to persecute tobacco use, and not just smoking. Furthermore, their goal was to prohibit voluntary exposure to tobacco smoke as well. The anti-smokers' health lies, which are based upon scientific fraud and corruption, were central to rationalization of the ban. Quote: "(2) Intent and Purpose (a) The Common Council of the City of Madison hereby finds that:1. It is recognized that smoking of cigarettes and tobacco products is hazardous to an individual’s health and may affect the health of nonsmokers when they are involuntarily in the presence of smoking. 2. Numerous scientific studies have found that tobacco smoke is a major contributor to indoor air pollution. 3. Reliable scientific studies, including studies conducted by the Surgeon General of the United States, have shown that breathing sidestream or secondhand smoke is a significant health hazard to nonsmokers; particularly to children, elderly people, individuals with cardiovascular disease, and individuals with impaired respiratory function, including asthmatics and those with obstructive airway disease. 4. Health hazards induced by breathing sidestream or secondhand smoke include lung cancer, respiratory infection, decreased respiratory function, decreased exercise tolerance, bronchoconstriction and bronchospasm."

Section 23.05 - Effective July 1, 2005 / City of Madison Health Department
Section 23.05 - Effective July 1, 2005 / City of Madison Health Department (pdf, 7pp)

The whole process was the most despicable travesty of democracy and rape of truth ever seen, as outrageous as any lynching, in which the mass media systematically represented anti-smoker lies as truth, concealed anti-smoker corruption of the EPA ETS report, and prevented informed smokers' advocates from being heard. They gave us a public sham, in which restaurant and tavern owners' whining about the effect on their business and nit-picking over exclusions were the phony opposition.

How the Madison Common Council Voted

Remember this at election time!

Voting FOR: Linda Bellman, Brian Benford, Zach Brandon, Kenneth Golden, Steve Holtzman, Austin King, Brenda Konkel, Jean MacCubbin, Gregory Markle, Judy Olson, Warren Onken, Santiago Rosas, Matt Sloan, Paul Van Rooy, and Robbie Webber.

Voting AGAINST: Tim Bruer, Judy Compton, Paul Skidmore, Cindy Thomas, and Mike Verveer.

And don't expect justice from the legal system, either. Not as long as a member of the Lasker family, who corrupted the health establishment and control politicians with covert strings to persecute and oppress smokers, is a powerful force in the Wisconsin Bar Association!

Madison Council Proceedings, April 15, 2004 [go to page 18] / City of Madison (pdf, 23pp)

The 2005 repeal attempt lost by only two votes. Voting to overturn were Larry Sanborn, Mike Verveer, Paul Skidmore, Isadore Knox Jr.*, Tim Bruer, Larry Palm*, Judy Compton, Santiago Rosas*, and Cindy Thomas (* changed their vote since the spring). Voting to keep the ban were Brenda Konkel, Lauren Cnare, Robbie Webber, Judy Olson, Zach Brandon, Austin King, Brian Benford, Tim Gruber, Paul Van Rooy, and Noel Radomski. Ken Golden was absent. (Neither Side Angry After Smoking-ban Vote. By Dean Mosiman. Wisconsin State Journal, Sep. 22, 2005.)

Spring 2009 City Council Election

Jed Sanborn (1), Brenda Konkel (2), Paul Skidmore (9), Brian Solomon (10, but hasn't filed papers), Satya Rhodes-Conway (12), Julia Kerr (13), Judy Compton (16), Joe Clausius (17), Michael Schumacher (18), and Mark Clear (19) are running for re-election; Libby Monson (7), Eli Judge (8), and Tim Gruber (11) are NOT running. The plans of Lauren Cnare (3), Tim Bruer (14), and Thuy Pham-Remmele (20) are not known. (Laptop City Hall: The Madison City Council Hokey Pokey -- Who has their foot in for 2009? By Kristin Czubkowski. The Capital Times, Dec. 17, 2008.) As of 12/16/08, Webber is not running, and Mike Verveer (4) is. (Verveer in, Webber out, challengers for Konkel in spring 2009 election. By Vikki Kratz. The Daily Page, 12/16/08.) Marsha Rummel (6) is running. (Marsha Rummel website, accessed 12/25/08.) Larry Palm (15) is running.

Bryon Eagon and Jacob Schmidt, who are both juniors at the UW, are running in District 8. Eagon was a chapter co-founder of Students for Obama. Schmidt has interned with Rep. Scott Newcomer, R-Delafield.

Dennis DeNure and attorney Adam Walsh is running against Konkel in District 2. Walsh is no better than Brenda Konkel. Here is his reply to my question of what is his position on the Madison smoking ban: "Thanks for the inquiry. As far as the City-Wide smoking ban goes, I support it. The exception for cigar bars is necessary, but otherwise my experience in downtown Madison since the ban went into effect has been that a night out has been more enjoyable for everyone, while my friends and colleagues who do smoke do not feel overly inconvenienced.

"Now, the ban would work better if it were State-wide, as it is in Illinois for example. As a result, I support efforts to enact such a State-wide ban, however getting there would, obviously, be out of my purview." (Adam Walsh, Dec. 14, 2008.)

My reply: "And what about the multitude of smokers who feel outright raped, not merely inconvenienced? What about the outrageous fact that this smoking ban is founded on deliberate, flagrant, scientific fraud, and shoved down the public's by equally deliberate and flagrant censorship of the anti-smokers' opponents? Or do only you and personal acquaintances, but not the rest of your district?

"The scientific fraud I refer to is that the anti-smokers have ignored more than 50 studies, which show that human papillomaviruses cause over ten times more lung cancers than they pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. Passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus, and the anti-smokers' studies, because they are all based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, have been deliberately designed to falsely blame passive smoking for all those extra lung cancers that are really caused by HPV.


"The anti-smokers have systematically committed the same type of fraud with every disease they blame on smoking and passive smoking, and they've ignored other types of evidence which cast doubt on their claims as well. And for this reason, THIS ISSUE WILL NEVER GO AWAY, UNTIL THE ANTI-SMOKERS' LIES ARE EXPOSED AND THEIR FRAUDULENTLY-OBTAINED LAWS REPEALED. (Carol AS Thompson, Dec. 15, 2008.)

Walsh's mealy-mouthed reply: Well, in part I consider this a moot issue for this race, due to the fact
> that a State-Wide ban is probably a done deal now that the Democrats control
> both houses.
> However, I would consider allowing bars, like cigar bars, a special
> exemption, which could be purchased and allow them to be Smoking Bars. I
> think this could be a fair way to balance the concerns of everyone. Now,
> would there ever be sufficient support among the Common Council for such a
> move? Probably not. But it might be worth looking into all the same.
> I can see where you are coming from with your response. One problem you
> might face though is that it seems to me most non-smokers see this issue as
> 90% a lifestyle choice and 10% a health issue. What I mean by that is many
> non-smokers who I talk to are not as concerned about the health issues as
> they are to enjoy a smoke-free night out. That is to say, most non-smokers
> just do not want to deal with smoke in bars and restaurants, regardless of
> the health issues.
> It is because of that you would have a rough time overturning the ban. Now,
> again, there might be a better compromise here, but whether we can get there
> or not is another issue.

My reply: "Those smoking bans were accomplished by a systematic, Nazi-style campaign of lies and defamations, based on scientific fraud, repeated over and over and over again, in order to deceive the public that a whiff of secondhand smoke is a deadly peril. Then you have the gall to pretend that it doesn't matter that your anti-smoker pals lied through their teeth, because it's all sanitized because they don't really care about the health issue. Well, somebody certainly did care about lying to the people, didn't they? And if it didn't matter, then why did they bother? Then you grotesquely pretend that they are prevented entirely from "enjoy[ing] a smoke-free night out," unless you perpetrate a complete cultural genocide against OUR right to smoke in "OUR" bars that allow smoking. And we're expected to believe your phony pretense that "most non-smokers just do not want to deal with smoke in bars and restaurants, regardless of the health issues," notwithstanding the facts that non-smokers as a whole were unwilling, and anit-smokers were unable, to provide sufficient business to keep their smoke-free establishments open. This is the true, untwisted exposition of the facts: The general public did not care about the supposed health issue OR about the smokefree lifestyle, and continued to patronize bars and restaurants which allowed smoking. So the anti-smokers outlawed smoking, to shove it down the public's throat. While gloating about how it would help them to eradicate OUR lifestyle choice."

"Don't give us that pile of lies that you are speaking on behalf of the majority. The majority spoke for themselves, by voting with their feet, but the rotten, corrupt, politically-connected anti-smoker oligarchy eliminated peoples' right to choose because they didn't choose what the oligarchy wanted!"

Bryon Eagon and Jacob Schmidt, who are both juniors at the UW, are running in District 8. Eagon was a chapter co-founder of Students for Obama. Schmidt has interned with Rep. Scott Newcomer, R-Delafield.

Only for the Privileged: Madison's Cigar Bar Exemption

Passed March 21, 2006, it permits chewing tobacco in all public places and to permit smoking of all tobacco products (other than cigarettes) at all tobacco bars. That means cigars and pipes, and only in places with at least 10% of sales are from tobacco products. It also demands that "Tobacco bars shall display signs, in accordance with the standards in Subsection (8), that state that cigars and pipes may be smoked in the tobacco bar, that cigarettes may not be smoked in the tobacco bar, and warning of the dangers of secondhand smoke, in language and form as approved by the Director of Public Health.”

Madison Cigar Bar Ordinance, Mar. 21, 2006 / City of Madison (pdf, 4pp)

Madison Alder Gets Reward for Anti-smoking

"Madison Ald. Matt Sloan, an outspoken liberal who sometimes breaks ideological lines, will resign from the City Council this fall to take a job in Washington, DC. Sloan, elected from the 13th District on the South Side in 1999 and council president for the 2002-03 term, will resign effective Sept. 8 to take a position with Mathematica Policy Research. He now is project director for the University of Wisconsin Survey Center... Sloan is most proud of his contributions to the South Side, including... the expansion of St. Mary's and Meriter Hospitals. But Sloan said he was drawn to the chance to the chance to do research that can affect national policy in health care, welfare, education and more." (Sloan to Quit Council for Washington Job. By Dean Mosiman. Wisconsin State Journal, July 3, 2004.)

Mosiman, July 3, 2004 / Wisconsin State Journal

Mathematica conducted research for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's survey on "Youth Access to Tobacco" (RWJF Press Release, Feb. 1, 1995.) Nancy J. Kaufman, Vice President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was previously Deputy Director of Public Health in the State of Wisconsin, and is a despicable product of the University of Wisconsin Medical School.

RWJF Press Release, Youth Access to Tobacco, 1995 / UCSF (pdf, 3 pp)
Kaufman bio, 1995 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Mathematica also did the 1995 Smokeless Tobacco Control Survey (Maryland) on restaurant smoking bans, in which they measure the effect of their systematic campaign of outright lies, deceit and scientific fraud in molding public opinion. Note that moron restaurant owners, as always, fixated on economic issues (which the anti-smokers "refuted" with their standard lie that that smoking bans are good for business), and left the health lies alone.

Smokeless States Tobacco Control Survey questions / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)
Smoke Free Maryland, March 1995 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Mathematica was a client of The Onyx Group, a front group pretending to speak for African Americans that was funded by the Centers for Disease Control to protest against Marlboro Milds. (Advocacy Group Flash Reports 2000, Issues Watch, pp. 117-118.)

The Onyx Group, Issues Watch 2000 / UCSF (pdf, 123 pp)

Note that Mathematica Policy Research of Princeton, New Jersey, has or had a branch at 905 University Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin, which is occupied by a variety of offices of the University of Wisconsin. The Grainger Foundation, which gave the UW $8 million in 1990 for the Grainger School of Business building, on March 26, 2004 gave another $20 million for an addition to be built on the 905 University site. Grainger is one of the Chicago Cabal with ties to the Skull & Bones-founded William Blair & Company. S&B 1907 William McCormick Blair Sr.'s daughter-in-law, Deeda, was Vice President of the Lasker Foundation. (Grainger gift catalyst for new School of Business Building. University of Wisconsin Foundation Press Release, March 26, 2004.)

Research/Survey Services, undated /UCSF (pdf, 7 pp)
UW Foundation, March 26, 2004 / University of Wisconsin Foundation
W.W. Grainger 2004 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Among the anti-smoker elite, persecuting smokers is a top priority. And this is how they reward the corrupt whores who play ball with them, and recruit true-believing lackeys for their machinery of social control and manipulation.

Madison Bar Owners Made a Deal With Scumbags and Got Screwed. Surprise!

See how small they thought the problem was: Those losers imagined that all they had to do was install ventilation systems, and everybody would be happy. See what big stuff they thought they were as they made their pathetic deal for a delayed smoking ban. And then the anti-smokers stabbed them in the back, as anybody with an ounce of brains could have predicted. And a bunch of suckers who spent a pile of money on ventilation systems got plucked.

It's all part of the anti-smokers' racketeering scheme, where their corrupt demagogues spew health lies in the pretended name of science, while their buddies in the ventilation industry cash in. And the bar owners' "friends" in the media, who let them have air time to prattle cluelessly about ventilation (after spewing all those health lies in the first place and preventing informed smokers' advocates from refuting them) are laughing behind their backs. The filthy bloodsuckers have been committing the same scam, over and over again, all across the country, and the stupid sheep never learn.

Coalition to Save Madison Jobs is LED BY TRAITORS

Their smoking ban "resistance" is a SHAM and a FRAUD

FACT: The Madison smoking ban, like every other smoking ban in the state and across the country, was passed because the media deliberately concealed the anti-smokers' scientific fraud and corruption. The Associated Press purposely boycotted the 1993 Congressional hearing where Rep. Bliley revealed that the anti-smokers' vaunted EPA ETS report was written via illegal pass-through contracts to a hand-picked anti-smoker crony - and the pass-through author smugly admitted his role. All of the media have purposely suppressed the truth to keep the public ignorant, and aggressively helped the anti-smokers spread their Big Lie that passive smoking is harmful to non-smokers, to help perpetrate their criminal scheme to deprive others of their legitimate rights by means of deception!

FACT: Instead of raising the roof with indignation about the anti-smokers' crimes, as any genuine opponents of the anti-smokers would do, the leaders this phony organization, the so-called Coalition to Save Madison Jobs, have UNFAILINGLY ALLOWED THEIR SUPPOSED ENEMIES TO GET AWAY WITH THEIR LIES.

FURTHERMORE: The so-called Coalition to Save Madison Jobs follows exactly the same the script as all the other phony smoking ban opponents across the state and the country: Whine, whine, whine, about how it's bad for business: "[Joe] Klinzing says sales are off about $75,000 compared to a year ago. He's had to lay off four employees, one-quarter of his staff.'Basically, I'm back to where I was seven years ago when I bought the place,' he said." "When your checkbook hits a certain point, you have to lock it up," said Rick Anderson, co-owner of Ole 'N Rick's North Side Inn, 1026 N. Sherman Ave. "I'd be sorry to do that but I'm not going to run this place into the ground." "The guys in Westport are making money so fast they don't even have time to get it to the bank," said Al Tedeschi, owner of the Villa Tap." "Dave Wiganowsky, a County Board member and owner of Wiggie's, 1901 Aberg Ave., said he has tried everything to compensate for the lost business, including offering specials during Packer games. But he said sales are still off $71,000 from a year ago. 'We were giving away free drinks every time the Packers scored, then some guy in Monona offered a bottomless glass for $10 and you can smoke," he said. 'How are we supposed to compete with that?'"

All of this has happened because those traitors let the anti-smokers get away with their lies - and the followers of this phony Coalition are nothing but sheep following goats - JUDAS GOATS.

They are nothing but actors helping the media pretend that they allowed free and democratic discussion of the issue WHEN THEY HAVE NOT. And see how the only thing the lying maggot from the media cares about is, "Why doesn't the Tavern League push for a statewide ban now to prevent further damage to bar owners in Madison, Appleton and other Wisconsin cities that have enacted smoking ordinances?" in order to bring everyone else down with them! (Smoky question City bar owners ponder where to turn next. By Mike Ivey. The Capital Times, Jan. 20, 2006.)

Mike Ivey, Jan. 20, 2006 / the Capital Times

City of Madison smoking ban, 1992

City ban on eatery smoking backed. By Gail Perry. The Capital Times, ca. Apr. 7, 1992.

Proposed Madison city smoking ban, 1992 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

No Smoking! By Marv Balousek. Wisconsin State Journal, Oct. 14, 1992. Voting in favor of the smoking ban were Alds. Swaja, Zipperer, J. Olson, Golden, L. Olson, Hamblin, Heidt, Kiesow, Larson, Stewart, Smith, Wallner, and Bauman. Voting against the ban were Alds. Shivers, Bigelow, Gonzalez, Bruer, Schneider, Lufler, Oaken, and McGuire. The media gloated in triumph over their successful buttrape of the people.

Madison Smoking Ban, 1992 / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp)

Fitchburg Council Rejected Workplace Smoking Ban 5-2

The proposed ban would have prohibited smoking in workplaces, public places, near entrances of city buildings, and in certain park areas. Its two sponsors, Alds. Steve Arnold and William Horns, were the only ones who voted for it. Of exemplary note, "Three members of the eight-person council said they will not support a local smoking ban under any conditions." That is the morally correct response to proposed ordinances which are based on wholesale lies, deceit, and fraud. The opponents were Alds. Jason Williams, Scott Norton, Roger Laurel Tesch and Thomas Darcy, as well as Mayor Tom Clauder. Barb Mercer of the Tavern League of Wisconsin, which should be protecting its members with a RICO lawsuit against the anti-smokers, recited the usual spiel that a ban would be bad for business. (Fitchburg snuffs out ban. By Emily Winter. The Capital Times, July 12, 2006; Fitchburg Votes Down Smoking Ban Proposal. By Gena Kittner. Wisconsin State Journal July 12, 2006.)

Fitchburg snuffs out ban, July 12, 2006 / The Capital Times
Fitchburg Votes Down Smoking Ban Proposal, July 12 2006 / Wisconsin State Journal

Who is this Fitchburg Alder Steve Arnold anyway? He met his wife, Nancy, at the Johns Hopkins University. He was involved in developing and distributing the Minitab statistical program, which is widely used throughout academia, at the State University of New York at Brockport and at Pennsylvania State University until 1983. He came to the Madison area and founded Arnold Consulting, Inc.in 1991, "an independent source of expertise on electronic mail servers."

A Brief History of Steve Arnold / Arnold for Alder

Among his clients are various corporate, governmental and other entities, including: Abbott Laboratories (Big Pharma); AARP (whose CEO, Bill Novelli, was formerly President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids); Cummins Engine Company (anti-smoking activists since the 1970s); and Fidelity Investments, Boston, Massachusetts (who held controlling interest in Philip Morris throughout the period of the Minnesota tobacco lawsuit).

From the Madison area, they include the City of Fitchburg, Wisconsin (isn't this called a "conflict of interest"?); Covenant Presbyterian Church, Madison, Wisconsin; Pearson Engineering, Madison, Wisconsin; Pleasant Company, Middleton, Wisconsin; Survey Research Associates LLC, Madison, Wisconsin; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Graduate School of Business, Madison, Wisconsin; and University of Wisconsin-Madison, Waisman Center, Madison, Wisconsin.

Also the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the U.S. Department of Defense, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, Rhode Island; U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Central Command, Tampa, Florida; U.S. Department of Energy, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Rockville, Maryland; U.S. Executive Office of the President, Washington, D.C. (Golly, just think, even the Executive Office of the President doesn't have enough expertise for its mail servers without him!)

Arnold Consulting, Inc. Clients / Arnold Consulting Inc.

"The first-term alderman hopes to transform this city without a downtown into a model 21st century community of mass transit and bike trails, high-tech industries and local shops, all nestled between wedges of productive farmland. And an ordinance prohibiting smoking inside offices, bars, restaurants or other public buildings fits that vision to a T." He looks down his nose at the "old farm families" and "the original town residents who wanted to become a city but don't want to pay for city services," and he wants to see them trampled by his kind of smug and arrogant self-proclaimed "high-tech" people. In other words, Steve Arnold represents the Wall Street Nazis, the goons who've disenfranchised the ordinary people, and force their mentally retarded, health fascist beliefs on everyone courtesy of political connections, media ties, economic coercion, and their personalities of psychopathic-lying bullies. "'Almost all the research on this shows that economies of places that go smoke-free are either neutral or improved,' he said." Liar! Then why are anti-smokers so insecure that they can't even permit a single little hole-in-the-wall bar to allow smoking?! (A 'Well-studied' Approach. By Mike Ivey. The Capital Times, July 14, 2006, p. E1.)

A 'Well-studied' Approach, July 14, 2006 / The Capital Times

The 1990 Fitchburg Smoking Ban

Smoking areas now mandated. By Tom Pfankuch. Fitchburg Star, Sep. 27, 1990.

1990 Fitchburg Smoking Ban / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

The Dane County Smoking Ban - SOLD OUT BY FILTHY TRAITORS!

For the information of those liars who pretend that the anti-smokers' health lies are not an important component of their push for smoking bans, those lies "only" comprise numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of article 2, the supposed "justifications" for the Dane County Smoking Ban. They praise as "reliable" the most flagrantly fraudulent studies ever perpetrated, including the Surgeon General and California EPA reports, all of which are founded on deliberate, knowing, scientific fraud, which the media have ruthlessly prevented any informed person from criticizing. There have now been more than 50 studies, which collectively show that human papillomaviruses cause over ten times more lung cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. The anti-smokers are automatically guilty of fraud for ignoring those fifty-eight studies! Passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus than non-smoke-exposed non-smokers, so the anti-smokers purposely use defective studies which are based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, in order to falsely blame passive smoking for all those extra lung cancers which are actually caused by HPV.

As for the Dane County Tavern League, those despicable patsies have unfailingly sold out smokers every time they open their stupid mouths. Smoking bans are the direct and absolutely predictable consequence of allowing the anti-smokers to get away with their scientificn fraud of falsely blaming tobacco for diseases that are really caused by infection. Those traitorous "leaders" of the Dane County Tavern League have refused to denounce the ant-smokers' scientific fraud, EVER. They merely whine that it's bad for business and expect everyone to feel sorry for them. Its brainless, cowering members can't pry their tongues off the anti-smokers' boots. They can barely wait to reach the lectern before they grovel and assure the anti-smokers that they don't doubt a single word of the anti-smokers' torrent of lies and defamations against tobacco. Then, the anti-smokers' lying Nazi accomplices in the mass media perpetrate another gigantic fraud on the public by presenting only the anti-smokers' point of view, and the position of these craven bootlickers in the Tavern League. And remember, most of these people are so dumb that they pick their leadership, at least in part, on the grounds that "they seem to have clout with the media," in other words, with their worst enemies, and so they let their worst enemies choose who will represent them! Every single one of the lying phonies in the media who pretend to be sympathetic are guilty, guilty, guilty of exactly the same betrayal - first, they sell us out by refusing to attack the anti-smokers' scientific fraud or to allow any informed criticism. Then, they turn on the waterworks and go boo hoo hoo, it's bad for business. And then they smugly pretend that they presented "both sides of the issue," while including only the anti-smokers and the anti-smokers' hand-picked bootlickers! And the Tavern League has never protested the media's censorship of an important opposing point of view. They are perfectly content with their cozy relationship with the media as being the sole anointed representatives of the opposition!


The vote was 21-14 and had 15 co-sponsors. Sup. Mark Opitz of Middleton introduced the ordinance, which was copied from the Madison ban. Gibbering subhuman monkey Sup. Carousel Bayrd of Madison "called secondhand smoke a Class A carcinogen and said 'no level of secondhand smoke is acceptable.' Tens of thousands of people die from secondhand smoke each year, 73 percent due to workplace exposure, Bayrd said. 'I find that very shocking,' she said." "Sup. Dave de Felice of Madison noted that automakers wouldn't have put seatbelts in cars if government didn't mandate it. 'If you don't like regulation, move to China,' he said." "Smoke Free Wisconsin Executive Director Maureen Busalacchi noted that 24 states have comprehensive anti-smoking laws, covering all workplaces, restaurants and bars. 'This community has debated this issue many times over many years,' she said, urging the board to vote for no exemptions and no delays." LIAR! Neither this community nor any other has ever been allowed to have a free debate on the issue! It has been nothing but a complete and total sham, with the anti-smokers given unlimited opportunities to spew lies, defamations, and scientific fraud as "fact," while no informed smokers' advocate has ever been given a forum to expose the anti-smokers' scientific fraud. Instead, the putrid Nazi filth in the media pretend that they have adequately covered by letting the traitorous cowards in the Tavern League whine that it's bad for business. (Dane County votes to enact smoking ban in unincorporated areas. The Capital Times, Sep. 19, 2008.)

Neither this community nor any other has ever been allowed to have a free and open discussion of this issue. It has been nothing but a complete sham, cynically engineered by the anti-smokers. The anti-smokers have been given unlimited opportunites to spew lies, defamations, and frauds as "fact," while no informed smokers' has ever been given a forum to expose their lies. This is not mere nannyism, this is full-blown Nazism, particularly including how the media scum have shoved outright Nazi pseudo-science, based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, down the public's throat - while refusing to inform the public about those more than 50 studies showing that HPV causes over ten times more lung cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke; and that the anti-smokers' studies are all purposely DESIGNED to falsely blame secondhand smoke for all the extra lung cancers that are really caused by HPV. Also notice that the issue of the candidates' positions on smoking bans never came up. They purposely make us choose between pigs in a poke! So the real issue is, "WHAT OBLIGATION DO WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO OBEY LAWS THAT HAVE BEEN PASSED ENTIRELY ON THE BASIS OF CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, AND RACKETEERING, BY A ROTTEN, FILTHY CLIQUE OF NAZI VERMIN?" There is no obligation whatsoever. And there should be riots over what these filthy, lying conspirators have shoved down our throats. This is not democracy, this is tyranny!

Der Fuhrer has spoken! Sieg Heil!

From the Capital Times forum, Sep. 23, 2008: [quote="Community Comments"]Rich Eggleston says:

It behooves us all, smokers and nonsmokers alike, to support rural bars and let them know we still love 'em after the smoking ban takes effect. We can do so by visiting their establishments, filling our lungs with clean air and eating and drinking responsibly.

The argument that smokers would abandon their favorite haunts because they can no longer smoke there is a fatuous one.

Surely smokers are not so addicted that they would abandon the camaraderie -- actually, gemultlichkeit may be a better word, because the Germans love their beer -- that their favorite tavern represents.

Smokefree Fitchburg has sponsored a series of outings to smokefree establishments in our community since our smoking ban took effect April 1.

Smokers and nonsmokers alike should do the same in rural Dane County. The operators of places like the Paoli Pub and the Missouri Tavern need to know that they will gain new customers, and their current clientele isn't as fickle as they fear.

Choose a designated driver, and remember, no smoking on the bus.

[/quote] My reply:

If those bar owners don't care enough about their own businesses to denounce the anti-smokers' lies, then TO HELL WITH THEM. People who believe in anti-smoker lies and defamations are called ENEMIES, not friends, and we should NOT be helping to keep them in business.

Oh and by the way, when I hear Progressive Dane's propaganda organs spouting their stale, hackneyed cliches about VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT, I think about how this vote was pulled after virtually no notice to the public, after decades of ruthless censorship of the media to prevent the public from hearing both sides of the issue, and after decades of spewing lies, abuse, and defamations against innocent people, in order to intimidate them against participation in the process.

Progressive Dane - yes, they are the EXPERTS in voter disenfranchisement, aren't they!

Furthermore on Progressive Dane's expertise in voter disenfranchisement, those Nazi scumbags are obviously systematically trained in how to commit it, and they regularly practice it against US, and then they sit there there and gloat about it when their disreputable tactics work.

They pulled a fraud as vile and despicable as anything that has ever been perpetrated against the American people! The whole so-called "discussion" was nothing but a complete and total charade, with nothing but anti-smokers and anti-smokers' patsies ever allowed to have a forum in the mass media. They are guilty are of conspiracy, fraud, and racketeering, because the public has never been allowed to know the anti-smokers' deliberate, systematic scientific fraud of ignoring more than 50 studies on HPV and then purposely using defective studie to falsely blame secondhand smoke. And all the EPA and CDC data showing that there's no health beenfit for people with asthma. They are as vile and loathsome a bunch of lynchers as anything the Ku Klux Klan ever assembled.

And how magnanimous it is of Rich Eggleston that after he and his chums have finished buttraping us, he'll let us praise their buttrape and tell everyone how wonderful it is now that we've been violated, and in case we don't he's pre-smeared us as "addicts" to blow off our legitimate grievances. Get real! Filthy Nazi sewage who spread lies, censor the truth, and persecute innocent people are my enemies, forever and ever and ever - and I will never be satisfied until they have paid, in blood and destruction, for what they did to us.

The Libertarian Party of Dane County is a Friend of Tyranny

"The American Cancer Society is doing a great job informing the public about potential health problems linked to smoking." Rolf Lindgren also said that "The American Cancer Society should stick to the statistics of health, stay out of the statistics of political polling" (Rolf Lindgren and Bruce Rideout, Libertarian Party of Dane County, Aug. 25, 2005.) As if the American Cancer Society is not the controlling special interest group in both the Democratic and Republican Parties in Wisconsin, and a perpetual presence in the state legislature, who require that every Wisconsin governor be their puppet! The American Cancer Society is a corrupt, fascist POLITICAL organization which has systematically committed scientific fraud to falsely blame smoking and secondhand smoke for diseases that are actually caused by infection. Their accomplices in the media have systematically spread their lies as truth while suppressing informed criticism, so that the anti-smokers can brainwash the public with lies. And then these pretended "friends of liberty" praise the Cancer Society, and help them out by nitpicking that the methodology of their smoking ban survey is "flawed." (Libertarian Party of Dane County: Smoking Ban Poll Is Public Opinion Manipulation. Press Release, 8/25/2005.)

LP-DC Press Release, Aug. 25, 2005 / Wispolitics.com

The 1991 Dane County smoking ban

County Limits Smoking. By Marv Balousek. Wisconsin State Journal, Feb. 22, 1991; and Feb. 5, 1991 Tobacco Institute tally of support/opposition. The Dane County Board included anti-smokers Tammy Baldwin and Dave Cieslewicz.

1991 Dane County Smoking Ban / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp)


Forums / Isthmus - The Daily Page
WISC-TV - Channel3000

League of Women Voters - Dane County / Danenet

The Appleton Smoking Ban

Another Despicable Charade! Another load of SUCKERS sold down the river!

IT'S THE SAME STALE FORMULA: First, LIE to the people and cover up the truth; then, hold a referendum; and then proclaim VICTORY for the lying anti-smoker/media side. And nobody will ever notice that the other side was censored, because the media used traitors and incompetents to "represent" the other side.

"Voters uphold Appleton smoking ban. The Post-Crescent. Appleton voters resoundingly rejected an attempt to overturn the city’s workplace smoking ban. With all 51 wards reporting results, the vote was 11,559 to 8,674, with 57 percent of voters favoring keeping the ban in place. That is virtually the same margin by which the ban was put into place after a referendum last April, when voters approved the ban 9,726 to 7,551. Some Appleton bar owners said the ban, which took effect July 1, has caused them financial difficulties because patrons were taking their business to bars in communities that border Appleton. They engineered Tuesday’s referendum, which would have allowed smoking in bars, bowling alleys and other businesses OKd by the Common Council, by securing enough signatures on petitions in the fall." Another triumph for media lies and coverup! What they've proven is not that the public supports the smoking ban, but that the public can be lied to, tricked and deceived into voting for the smoking ban by media conspiracy. It proves that the media are rotten-to-the-core SCUM, who have their jobs only because they're rotten-to-the-core scum, and that anybody who believes in those filthy people is a certifiable mental retardate. And the traitorous bar and restaurant people helped them get away with it, because they deliberately followed a losing strategy of letting the anti-smokers and their media accomplices get away with the health lies, while they merely whined that it's bad for business. They make me want to puke when they expect our sympathy - waah, boo hoo hoo, our profits are down - when those stupid pieces of crap did it to themselves. And the best thing we can do is stop them from getting away with their next scheme for deliberately losing, the statewide smoking ban. They made their beds, now let them sleep in it, and don't let them force everyone else sleep in it with them.


(Appleton referendum: A secondhand smoking gun? By Wendy Harris, Post-Crescent staff writer. The Appleton Post-Crescent, March 27, 2006.) Here's how they mis-report the pro-smoking side: "Brian Striegel, owner of the Camelot bar in Appleton, isn't convinced. "I believe the harmful effects of secondhand smoke are greatly exaggerated," Striegel said. "I don't believe it's as dangerous as they lead you to believe." This is a mere assertion of opinion by a bartender, which carries no weight. And another dimwitted bartender: "Mitch Roepcke, owner of Shark's Club Billiards & Bar in Appleton, thinks the risks are overblown. 'There can be some danger to secondhand smoke, but the people pushing this are over-exaggerating the risk involved and are using scare tactics to push their agenda,' Roepcke said. 'They act like secondhand smoke and smoking are the only causes of lung cancer.' If secondhand smoke is so dangerous, Roepcke wonders, why the EPA or the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration haven't recommended or enacted a nationwide workplace smoking ban?" And now the anti-smoker side: "While some remain unconvinced about the health hazards of secondhand smoke, physicians, scientists and public health experts say the findings from 30-plus years of research and study are undeniable and indisputable." Followed by the corrupt, lying mouthpiece of the American Cancer Society, David Ahrens, whom those media crackpot-whores expect the public to worship unquestioningly as the Voice of Authority, and a recitation of corrupt, defective, and mis-attributed supposed scientific studies purporting to back him up - 2,000 deliberately defective ETS studies that ignore infection, scientifically worthless but funded to serve the anti-smokers' political agenda; a lying claim of heart disease deaths, concocted by anti-smoker Stanton Glantz, and falsely attributed to the National Cancer Institute, because they put his lies on their website in order to deceive people, especially those who are too stupid to wonder what scientific authority the NCI has concerning heart disease; a California ecological study which contradicts the studies in the EPA report; and claims about children's respiratory disease attributed to the EPA which have since been recanted by their own author. AND, WHAT ABOUT THE REAL EPA SCIENTISTS, WHO WERE AGAINST LABELING ETS A CLASS A CARCINOGEN? WHAT ABOUT THOSE ILLEGAL PASS-THROUGH CONTRACTS TO HANDPICKED ANTI-SMOKER STOOGES TO WRITE THE EPA REPORT - WITH A CRONY OF GEORGE W. BUSH ON THE BOARD OF THE PASS-THROUGH FIRM? AND WHAT ABOUT THE CANCER SOCIETY'S DECADES-LONG COVERUP OF THE ROLE OF INFECTION IN CANCER? NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING AND NOTHING - NOT SO MUCH AS A PEEP!




The so-called Appleton Coalition for Business Owners Rights (ABCOR) is the sponsor of a resolution to repeal that city's smoking ban. But look at this organization's motto: The Smart Smoking Ban, "A good solution until a statewide ban puts EVERY business in EVERY municipality on a level playing field."

Home / SmartSmokingBan.com

See those words, STATEWIDE BAN?! They want to do just like they did in California, which is to trick smokers into supporting a BOGUS anti-ban group, which will promote legislation for a STATEWIDE BAN in the name of smoking ban opponents. Those deceitful code words, the "level playing field," are just camoflage for their real intentions. And more:

Our Referendum Petition / SmartSmokingBan.com

Quote, "It still provides for well over 90% of Appleton workplaces to be smoke free. It sets the stage for leadership at the state level to make a fair and level playing field for all businesses." They claim that "The 'Smart Smoking Ban' is very similar to the original smoking ban now in effect, but has a few exemptions and changes." Only for bars, taverns, bowling alleys, bed and breakfasts, and tobacco bars. If they're so concerned about ALL BUSINESSES, then why don't they repeal it for the rest of them as well? Most of all, they should be filing a RICO lawsuit against the anti-smokers over their fraudulent so-called health concerns, which they used to dupe the public into accepting smoking bans in the first place. This is just another slimy and despicable anti-smoker scheme, to trick people into supporting a statewide smoking ban under the false pretext of fighting a smoking ban!

"Donna Bradley, co-owner with husband Mike, said Appleton’s smoking ban was Ravens’ downfall. 'It was the only factor as far as we can see. The effect was more than the club could handle,' she said. The Bradleys purchased Ravens two weeks before the smoking ban went into effect on July 1, 2005. Comparing figures before the ban and her latest stats, business was 'down 75 percent,' she said. 'We saw a pattern of decline that was obvious for the year and a half we were in business. We tried several different things to entice customers. We had free live music every single night we were open. Our prices were comparable to everyone else’s. We had drink specials and electronic music. But we weren’t able to bring enough business in.'" The building is owned by Milwaukee dentist Jeff Lang and his father, who wants to drag the whole state down as a solution. "Red Fox Supper Club at N4510 County A in Center, between Appleton and Black Creek, closed its doors Jan. 1. It had been for sale for 2 ½ years, but with no buyers coming forward, owner Dennis Volz decided to simply close." After it closed, buyers suddenly appeared. (The Buzz: Smoking ban killed business, Ravens owner says. By Maureen Wallenfang. Oshkosh Northwestern, Jan. 25, 2007.)

Smoking ban killed business, Ravens owner says, Jan. 25, 2007 / Oshkosh Northwestern

Appleton's first smoking ban was in city-owned buildings, and passed 11 to 9. Voting for the ban were Dennis Hendrickson, Rayburn Kaufman, Frank Mousley, Janet Nordell, Mark Reinholz, Anthony Rosecky, Stevie Schmidt, Paul Schreiter, William Siebers, James Smits, and Edward Spang [a smoker]. Against: Michael Collins, Richard Feaval, and Eldred Mullen. Hendrickson worked for AAL, the big local employer that banned smoking in 1985. (Council adopts smoking ban. By David Horst. Appleton Post-Crescent.)

Council adopts smoking ban / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Chippewa Falls

Alderman Robert Hoekstra and Council President Dennis Doughty want to ban smoking in all workplaces. Public Safety Committee members Jack Covill and Brian Flynn did not second his motion. "Covill is chairman of the Public Safety Committee, and he does not favor the smoking ban. He suggested the council follow current federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, which do not ban smoking in workplaces. He also cited a handful of studies that found nothing hazardous about secondhand smoke." (Proposed Chippewa Falls smoking ban hits stalemate. By Chris Vetter. Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Jul. 10, 2008.) Those are the same feeble, cowardly, anti-smoker-approved lines that every other bunch of ban opponents has used, so everything is proceeding according to the anti-smoker plan.

Eau Claire Smoking Ban

Dave Duax is a cosponsor (Speaking Out About Eau Claire's Proposed Smoking Ban. By Mary Rinzl. WEAU, Mar. 7, 2008.) Like every smoking ban, it's founded on a pile of lies and fraud. The ordinance lies that "Reliable scientific studies, including studies conducted by the Surgeon General of the United States, have shown that breathing sidestream of secondhand smoke isn a significant health hazard to non-smokers, particularly to children, elderly people," blah blah blah. In the first place, there have been no such studies "conducted" by the Surgeon General, who is nothing but an incompetent front man appointed for his political connections. All of the "Surgeon General" reports are merely compiled by a corrupt little clique of anti-smoking activists, who have infested our federal government for the last six decades, and ring-led by Jonathan M. Samet, who has also been the ringleader of nearly every other supposed "independent report" including the "EPA" report, the IARC report, and the ASHRAE report. And every one of them is flagrant scientific fraud, because they're ignoring more than 50 studies which demonstrate that human papillomavirus causes ten times more lung cancers than those frauds blame on secondhand smoke. They're all based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, so it's a lie that they're "scientific." They're also guilty of fraud for ignoring the fact that asthma death rates have more than doubled since the anti-smoking persecution began, and for ignoring the role of cytomegalovirus as a cause of heart disease. The ordinance is scheduled for introduction (pre-hearing) on March 11, 2008.)

Proposed Smoking Ban Ordinance / Graytvinc.com (doc)
City Council Members / City of Eau Claire

Janesville Smoking Ban

"Jim Halbach opened Rev. Jim's Spuds and Suds a year ago as a non-smoking downtown bar. Halbach wanted to provide an option for people who complain about smoky bars. But it didn't work. Within three weeks, he put out the ashtrays. 'If there was such a need for non-smoking bars, we would have them,'' Halbach said." Other business owners snivel the usual cowardly capitulations to anti-smoker lies: Chris Brose, owner of El-Ra-Bowl, "said he understands the health issues related to smoking." [No, he doesn't. He's never heard anything but lies, and evidently lacks the initiative to undertake a simple internet search.] He whines that "It just seems like our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit.'' [This is what happens when you let the anti-smokers get away with their lies, stupid.] Kipp Hoskins, owner of East Point Sportz Pub, didn't criticize the lies, either. "Bruce Monson, owner of Wedges, 2006 N. County E, said the real issue is air quality." [Wrong, Bruce. The real issue is anti-smoker scientific fraud.] "Mark Otis, owner of the Milwaukee Grill, 2601 Morse St., went smoke-free when Janesville's no-smoking ordinance passed. His business changed. Otis can't remember the last time he was open until midnight. He used to regularly have customers until at least 1 a.m... He said everyone will soon realize the health costs associated with smoking." [Stupid sucker! Smokers are saving the state money! The smoking cost claims are a deliberate fraud - and your media pals are lying to the people! And there's not so much as a peep of protest from any of the assorted other retardates the media chose to quote, either.] (Tavern owners say governor should stay out of their business. By Marcia Nelesen. Janesville Gazette, Jan. 25, 2007.)

Tavern owners say governor should stay out of their business, Jan. 25, 2007 / Janesville Gazette

Kenosha Smoking Ban

"A new ordinance could snuff out smoking at nearly all public places in Kenosha, including all taverns and restaurants. On Monday, the Public Safety and Welfare Committee will discuss an ordinance that would prohibit smoking in all public places and places of employment. Smoking would also be prohibited at some outdoor locations, such as seating in outdoor arenas, non-smoking areas of parks and within a reasonable distance to outside entrances and windows of buildings. The only exceptions to this smoking ban would be private residences not used as child or health care facilities, private clubs, hotel rooms designated for smoking and for members of American Indian tribes as part of a traditional ceremony. The proposal will be open for public comment at Monday’s meeting, 5 p.m. at 625 52nd St. The ordinance is currently scheduled to go before the City Council for a final vote on Sept. 3. This proposal is being sponsored by nine aldermen: Eric Haugaard, Don Moldenhauer, Don Holland, G. John Ruffolo, Tod Ohnstad, Don Ruef, Ray Misner, Dan Prozanski and Michael Orth... Orth said. 'It’s a way to get the state’s attention, but first and foremost, it’s a fundamental issue for public safety and public health.'" Lies! This is all based upon deliberate scientific fraud! And AS ALWAYS. the whore media don't allow a single peep of protest about it! Just the usual lame, anti-smoker-approved snivelings that it would be bad for business: "It’s surprising how a couple of people can decide this and think it won’t hurt our business," whined Dave Hamelink Jr., co-owner of Sunnyside Club.Fool! The anti-smokers WANT it to hurt your business, because this is a ruthless and cynical campaign of systematic CULTURAL GENOCIDE by the bloodsucking health fascist vermin against us smokers! "A 2000 city ordinance banned smoking in restaurants unless a separate, walled-off room was provided for smoking, alcohol accounted for at least 50 percent of the establishment’s sales or if there was a full-service bar in the restaurant. Those exceptions would no longer apply." (Ordinance could stomp out smoking. By Matthew Olson. Kenosha News, Aug. 9, 2008.) In an advisory referendum to prohibit smoking in workplaces LOST, by 22,240 "NO" versus 20, 542 "yes" votes. Most of the original eight sponsors had removed their sponsorship before the vote, and the rest followed suit the day after. (Little Fire Left in Smoking Ban. By Matthew Olson. Kenosha News, Nov. 7, 2008.)

Marshfield Smoking Ban

"Request to consider recommendation from the Judiciary, License and Cemetery Committee concerning wording for the smoking referendum. Presented by Harold Wolfgram, Assistant City Attorney. 'Should the Common Council of the City of Marshfield, Wisconsin, prohibit smoking in indoor places including any indoor place that is a place of employment or that is open to the public or to which members of the public may be invited or have lawful access, but does not apply to a private residence, a room used by a person in a retirement home as a private residence or a room in a lodging establishment that has been designated as a room where smoking is allowed?'" (City Council Agenda, Jan. 22, 2008.)

Jan. 22, 2008 Agenda / City of Marshfield (pdf, 4 pp)

Marshfield is an anti-smoker dictatorship! Look at the city's tobacco use policy: "Effective as of March 1, 1999, Fire Fighter applicants will sign a "No Tobacco Use" condition of employment agreeing to the following condition of employment: From my date of hire, I will not smoke, chew or use any tobacco products(s) on or off duty during my duration of employment with the City; and further, if I do smoke, chew or use any tobacco product(s) at any time while employed with the City of Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department, I will be subject to dismissal for cause."

No Smoking or Tobacco Use Policy / City of Marshfield

Here is mayoral candidate Chris Meyer's brainless and amoral take on the issue: "The culture in America is changing. Second-hand smoke has been linked to all sorts of diseases. We are learning more about the dangers everyday. I support the referendum and will vote Yes to prohibit smoking in the workplace. I do this because I believe it is the right thing to do and also because I grew up in a home with smoke. While I don't have any obvious side-effects from growing up in a home with smoke; my father died at age 51. He was a heavy smoker, smoking between 3 and 4 packs per day. He won't see his grandkids graduate or marry. He never even got to meet his grandson. Is this personal, yea, it is personal...but I think that is true regardless of what side of the issue you find yourself." This is a morally insensitive and crassly ignorant reaction to the anti-smokers' campaign of cultural genocide, waged by committing scientific fraud, spreading lies and censoring the media! (Campaign. Chris Meyer for Mayor. Dead link http://www.vote4meyer.com/campaign.asp.)


Marshfield News Herald
Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
Stevens Point Journal

Middleton - the same tricks over and over again

The City Council's License and Ordinance Committee is expected to vote Wednesday, June 11, 2008, to ban smoking in all public places and workplaces, starting Sept. 15. The measure could come up for a final City Council vote in July. The committee meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 7426 Hubbard Ave. Van Nutt, executive director of the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, merely whines that this isn't enough time, while Dick Lyshek, owner of the Bristled Boar Saloon & Grill, just snivels that it would be bad for business. "Lyshek said his other bar, Bull Feathers in downtown Madison, has seen business drop 30 to 40 percent since Madison banned smoking in 2005. Lyshek is also president of the Dane County Tavern League." [YET THE DANE COUNTY TAVERN REFUSES TO SUE THE ANTI-SMOKERS!] And then Lyshek pushes the ventilation scam as his phony solution! Meanwhile, anti-smoker filth Ald. James Wexler mewls, "It's embarrassing that we have taken as long as we have." [BUT NOT EMBARASSING THAT IT'S BASED ON SCIENTIFIC FRAUD AND MEDIA CENSORSHIP!] Ald. Hans Hilbert, a member of the License and Ordinance Committee, merely wants a more lengthy charade. Ald. Steve Leo is chairman of the License and Ordinance Committee. (Smoking ban on the table in Middleton. By Karyn Saemann. The Capital Times, Jun. 9, 2008.)

Don't you finally see how these filthy health fascist conspirators - and their fake opponents - have shoved this down our throats? For six decades, the corrupt scum in the Cancer Society and their rotten whores in the media have spread Big Lies in our faces - and then rigged the "fight" by censoring informed smokers' advocates, and falsely framing the issue as "freedom versus public health" and "it's bad for business," instead of ANTI-SMOKER SCIENTIFIC FRAUD.

The anti-smokers are guilty of deliberate, systematic scientific fraud. They're automatically guilty of scientific fraud for ignoring more than 50 studies which prove that human papillomaviruses cause over TEN TIMES more lung cancers than those charlatans pretend are caused by secondhand smoke - and passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to HPV. The anti-smokers' fraudulent studies are based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, every single one of them, which means that they automatically falsely blame passive smoking for the extra lung cancers that are really caused by HPV!

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

The anti-smokers have committed the same type of fraud in every subject where they pretend to find risks from smoking and passive smoking. And all those despicable people who swallowed the media Big Lie of "freedom versus public health" helped them get away with it. All those people who yap about freedom, and ventilation, and "it's bad for business" are just letting those ciminals get away with fraud! The only thing those people are accomplishing is to help the censored anti-smoker media falsely pretend that they presented both sides of the issue, when they did not!

And, how many voters in Middleton (or in Monona) knew that some of their elected officials were planning to spring this tyranny on them? NONE! There was a conspiracy of silence by those candidates and their allies, the scum in the media, who spewed all those lies to brainwash the public and lay the foundation for tyranny. Instead of people raising hell and demanding that the candidates state their positions, the stupid losers either stuck their heads up their behinds and pretended that "it can't happen here," or else flopped limply on their bellies and rationalized that smoking bans are inevitable. Smoking bans are ONLY inevitable among a nation of stupid sheep who believe media lies, and refuse to fight Cancer Society corruption!

And those business owners who whine that it's bad for their businesses, but refuse to utilize their cause of action, namely lost business, in a lawsuit against the anti-smokers for conspiracy, fraud and racketeering, are the most culpable for betrayal! Talk about about a moronic "strategy" for fighting the anti-smokers - First, they let the anti-smokers destroy sympathy for them by letting the anti-smokers spread health lies. Then, they base their entire defense on playing for sympathy! Waaah, boo hoo hoo, it's bad for business! And then they refuse to exercise their legal rights! They'd rather watch their businesses die!

And look at the fraud the anti-smokers have perpetrated aginst the business owners, by lying to them that all they have to do is invest tens of thousands of dollars in ventilation systems, and then they won't ban smoking. Then THEY PASS THE BAN ANYWAY! They did this right next door in Madison, and yet here in this article is a pretended smoking ban opoonent blathering that ventilation systems will save the day! It proves that this is nothing but an anti-smoker dirty trick to drain business owners' pockets so they won't have money for a lawsuit.

The anti-smokers have played the same tricks, over and over again, with the same predictable result every time. How flagrant do the lies and fraud and racketeering have to get, before the dumb, credulous suckers will wake up and see the light? This isn't a health movement, it's a CULTURAL GENOCIDE committed against us by ruthlessly lying, cheating, stealing, corrupt, totalitarian FILTH OF THE PLANET EARTH!

The Definition of Conspiracy

Anti-Smokers Attack Milwaukee

"We have worked diligently over several years to educate the Milwaukee community about the harmful and deadly effects of second-hand smoke," says Dr. Patricia McManus, spokesperson for the Smoke Free Milwaukee Project (SFMP) and the executive director of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies! Their precious EPA report that they use to justify their health lies was written via illegal pass-through contracts to a hand-picked crony, while the real EPA scientists were against labeling ETS a human carcinogen - AND ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN COVERED UP BY THE LYING MEDIA! And all the usual scientifically corrupt, politically-connected, psychopathic-lying subhuman SCUM - the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association of Wisconsin, the American Heart Association and Smoke Free Wisconsin - are behind it as well. (Public hearing for citywide smoke-free policy set for March. By OnMilwaukee.Com Staff Writers, Jan.19, 2006.)

Public hearing for citywide smoke-free policy set for March, Jan. 19, 2006 / OnMilwaukee.Com

McManus got paid at least $165,000 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to commit this crime against us.

Smoke-Free Milwaukee Project / The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

And, instead of exposing the anti-smokers' lies and corruption, the worthless traitor from the Restaurant Association only whines that "The problem with the local smoking ban is that it creates an (uneven) playing field for businesses in the food and tavern industries from city to city," said Pete Hanson, director of government relations for the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, a nonprofit trade association. "It should be done statewide or it shouldn't be done at all." The Wisconsin Restaurant Association has done nothing but sell out to the anti-smokers, every step of the way! They are nothing but a front for the anti-smokers, not their opponents! They only represent anti-smoker restaurant owners, who want to prevent free competition because they'd lose. If they wanted to protect their members' rights, they would have filed a RICO lawsuit for conspiracy, fraud, and racketeering against the anti-smoking vermin LONG AGO. (Smoke signals. Ban would outlaw public smoking in Milwaukee. By Kellie Bramlet. The Marquette Tribune, February 7, 2006.)

Ban would outlaw public smoking in Milwaukee, Feb. 7, 2006 / Marquette Tribune

Milwaukee County executive Scott Walker issued a temporary executive order banning smoking or even carrying a lighted cigarette within 30 feet of all county buildings, including Mitchell International Airport. However, there is no penalty for violations. He wants the Milwaukee County Board to make it permanent and to eliminate designated areas that now allow smoking, such as the courthouse cafeteria and some lounges at the airport. Violations would carry penalties of $25 to $500 if those changes are approved. (Milwaukee County smoking ban toughened. Associated Press - August 22, 2007.)

Monona is Railroaded!

The City Council voted 5-1 Monday night to ban smoking, with Ald. Jeff Wiswell [Sr.] dissenting. "The Monona ban will include private homes where child care, adult day care or health care is provided. Banned sites will also include elevators and enclosed city parking ramp stairwells; buses, taxis and other public transportation; child care facilities; retail stores; hospitals and clinics; meeting and conference rooms; polling places; laundromats; city buildings; indoor bars and restaurants; hotels; and schools. Buildings must have at least one smoke-free entrance, and smoking won't be allowed within five feet of any entrance designated as smoke-free. Two outdoor areas are also part of the ban: seating and concession areas of sports arenas and outdoor common areas of nursing homes. And the city parks department will have the power to declare any part of a public park smoke-free. Existing cigar bars and tobacco stores will be exempt, as will be smoking-designated hotel rooms." (Monona smoking ban OK'd, will go in effect June 1, 2009. Karyn Saemann. The Capital Times, Jun. 3, 2009.) Mayor Robb Kahl, Alds. Bob Miller, Kathy Thomas, Chad Speight, Douglas Wood, and Dennis Kugle. all supported this outrage. Make sure you never vote for these evil vermin, for any office, ever again.

Just take a look at what The Capital Times considers IMPORTANT: "Theresa Guilbert, a Monona resident and member of Breathe Free Monona, said after Monday's meeting that while she was "disappointed" that 15 feet was not designated as the distance smoking would be allowed from building entrances, she was otherwise satisfied." Oh, the poor put-upon anti-smoker is disappointed because the ban isn't even more oppressive.

And what about the deliberate scientific fraud that the anti-smoking criminals have systematically engaged in, for the last six decades? WHAT ABOUT THOSE 50-PLUS STUDIES WHICH SHOW THAT HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUSES CAUSE OVER TEN TIMES MORE LUNG CANCERS THAN THE ANTI-SMOKERS PRETEND ARE CAUSED BY SECONDHAND SMOKE, WHICH EVERY SINGLE ONE THEIR CORRUPT AND FRAUDULENT REPORTS PRETENDS DO NOT EXIST! Because passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to HPV, the anti-smokers' approved studies, which are based upon nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, automatically falsely blame secondhand smoke for those extra lung cancers which are actually caused by HPV! This is the gigantic fraud that the corrupt, lying anti-smoking demagogues have perpetrated upon the American people, with the knowing collusion of the media, who have systematically censored every infomed opponent.

It's all so that they can shove THEIR personal lifestyles down the throats of the entire planet earth, and their attitude is "the public health be damned," because they want to conceal the real causes of lung cancer and every other disease, to further their totalitarian agenda, regardless of the impact on public health! Just look at the magnitude of this fraud they've gotten away with! It proves that democracy in America is nothing but a lie and a fraud, that there is nothing even slightly resembling a "free press" in this country, because every single has rote-repeated the same party line, over and over agin, for decades - despite the fact that this information has been freely available in the US Natuional Library ogf Medicine! They refuse to even look or to engage in anything even resembling journalism, they are nothing propaganda-spouting lackeys just like in a dictatorship, which is what they've turned this country into!

It is obvious that the anti-smokers got away with this, because of all the stupid SHEEP who believe that the media would never lie to them and censor their information, who never looked anywhere but the mass media for their information. It's time to see these stupid people for what they are and call them on it every time, and never let them get away with justifying their ignorant opinions on the pretext that "everyone knows!" That means the stupid sheep who let the anti-smokers frame the issue as "freedom versus public health," instead of ANTI-SMOKER SCIENTIFIC FRAUD! And it's long past time to start viewing the mass media for what THEY really are, namely, absolutely unscrupulous, unprincipled lie-spewing, persecution-promoting scum of the planet earth, and the handmaidens and footservants of lies, ignorance and tyranny!

Remember, only one side has committed massive, systematic scientific fraud - THE ANTI-SMOKERS! Only one side has censored the media - THE ANTI-SMOKERS!

The 50-plus studies of HPV and lung cancer - remember, the anti-smokers never had to wait for 50 bogus lifestyle questionnaire studies before proclaiming their absolute certainty from the mouths of every media puppet in the country!

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

The anti-smokers' deliberately fraudulent lifestyle questionnaire studies, which they know will automatically falsely blame passive smoking for lung cancers caused by HPV.

The Conspiracy of Silence About HPV and Lung Cancer


"Nineteen people spoke in opposition to the ordinance and 10 people spoke in favor of the proposed law that would ban smoking in all public places, all workplaces and many outdoor locations... Dr. Todd Mahr, an Onalaska resident and chairman of the Smokefree Air For Everyone Coalition, was the last community member to address the council’s Administrative and Judiciary Committee. The SAFE Coalition is leading an effort to ban smoking in all La Crosse County municipalities." Mahr claimed that it is an issue of "public health." (Onalaska smoke-free proposal draws a crowd. By Adam Bissen, Lee Newspapers. La Crosse Tribune, Feb. 20, 2007.) Wrong! It's an issue of systematic scientific fraud, and media conspiracy to cover up offiicial wrongdoing. And the reason they've gotten away with it is the pinheads in denial that this is a totally corrupt totalitarian dictatorship that ought to be overthrown by any means necessary. One of the commenters has it right: "Dear FBI, please closely monitor Gov Doyle and his huge campaign contributions in regard to his proposed anti-smoking law. I wonder where the money trail leads this time." Here's where: The American Cancer Society, Casinos and Corruption. And: "Dr. Marr you may be a respected Physician but when it comes tackfullness you are pathetic!!! The children you paraded into the common council quarters last night were not there to see government at work, they were there to be used by your group as a tasteless show of how low you will go! You have lost my respect!!!!"

Morons in Oshkosh

"No one is a fan of cancer. But some Oshkosh restaurant owners lately have less love for the American Cancer Society. As a form of protest, a few city restaurants fuming over Oshkosh's two-month-old smoking ban ordinance have refused to donate food or drinks to annual cancer-cure fund-raisers fueling the organization. 'If we could be 100 per cent sure the money we were donating was going to research and not to put us out of business, we'd do it,' said Phil Levine, owner of Jeff's on Rugby, 1005 Rugby St. During the referendum campaign Levine warned the ban would lead to lost business, something he and others say has already come to pass." (Eateries protest city smoking ban. By Alex Hummel of the Northwestern. June 11, 2004.)

How much of a stinking moron do you have to be, to fail to realize that the American Cancer Society has been persecuting smokers and pushing smoking bans for DECADES?! Furthermore, the "research" of this despicable group is geared toward expensive treatments, while deliberately using defective studies to falsely blame smoking and lifestyle for diseases that are really caused by INFECTION. And furthermore again, these dimwits raised thousands of dollars to help their worst enemies - while not doing a damn thing to raise money for smokers' rights. On top of it all, the restaurant are preparing to stumble cluelessly down the same old path that's been trod by scores of other moronic business owners, to tinkle away more of their hard-earned with a lawsuit over legal nitpicks, instead of challenging the anti-smokers' Big Lies.

Hummel, 2004 / Oshkosh Northwestern

Watch Out, Rhinelander - They'll Be Back

Rhinelander voters defeated the proposed smoking ban by 987 to 789. (Smoking ban voted down. By Meredyth Albright - Editor. The Rhinelander Daily News, Apr. 5, 2006) - but don't breathe a sigh of relief, because the anti-smokers will be back. The only way to stop them is by spreading the truth about the anti-smoker corruption that the Associated Press and other news syndicates have deliberately concealed from the public. And, don't let the anti-smokers trick anyone into forking over their money for ventilation systems, in the vain hope that this will appease them. Sad experience has shown that it's just a dirty trick to shake down restaurant owners, because the anti-smokers turn around and tell city councils that the systems don't work to get them to pass the ban anyway! Business owners should save their money for a RICO lawsuit against the anti-smokers instead.

Smoking Ban Voted Down, Apr. 5, 2006 / Rhinelander Daily News

The Anti-smokers' Funding Sources

Wisconsin ASSIST: Our tax dollars used to persecute us! The law doesn't apply to the bloodsucking anti-smoker filth! They are a Cancer Society dictatorship that's above the law! There is NO PRECEDENT in all of the vermins' trumped-up whinings about the supposed privileges of "Big Tobacco" for the special privileges that these vermin have been given!

"Division of Health - In early October, the Division of Health was awarded a $6.5 million seven-year contract by the National Cancer Institute for the American Stop Smoking Intervention Study (ASSIST) for cancer prevention. Wisconsin is one of 17 states to receiving funding. ASSIST Wisconsin is a collaborative effort between the Division of Health, the National Cancer Institute and the Wisconsin Division of the American Cancer Society. WMC [Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce] joined a number of organizations in support of the grant." (WMC Health Care Committee Report. 1991 Oct 21;4(3)).

WMC Health Care Committee Report, Oct. 21, 1991 / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp)

ASSIST (American Stop Smoking Intervention Study For Cancer Prevention) was a federally funded, collaborative effort between the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, meaning that this private organization used the US government and the public's tax dollars as their own property, for their own purposes, in the manner of a fascist dictatorship. Patrick Remington M.D. was the Project Director. "WIS ASSIST acknowledged the prohibition on the use of federal funds for lobbying, but coached its members on how to lobby within the confines of the ASSIST program: There are no restrictions on ASSIST dollars with regards to lobbying local governments ... The lobbying prohibition (assuming that no state or federal funds are utilized) does not extend to activities conducted by volunteers or staff and resources funded through other sources ... A coalition as a whole and individual coalition members may lobby any level of government as they wish without restriction (except when ASSIST funds are involved or as they might be restricted by their employers if lobbying on work time). Id. at 6 (emphasis added). II. WlS ASSIST Lobbied Federal Officials On July 21, 1994, WIS ASSIST reported that it was: very active in generating support for an increase in the federal excise tax and for Cong. Waxman's clean indoor air bill. Many state and coalition members via meetings, calls and letters, encouraged Wisconsin's Congressional delegation to do the same. Attachment 7 at 12 (emphasis added). III. WIS ASSIST Lobbied The State Legislature: By late 1990, WIS ASSIST had convinced the Wisconsin Legislature to form a "Tobacco-Free Legislative Task Force." Attachment 3 at 70. This Task Force: will be in place throughout the duration of ASSIST Wisconsin and will be the access point to the Legislature for all tobacco prevention and control issues. ld. (emphasis added). WIS ASSIST also took steps in 1990 to "target key legislators in support of legislation to ban vending machines, outlawing tobacco possession, and increasing the tobacco excise tax." In August 1992, they lobbied to block the passage of the Smokers' Rights Act. The Tobacco-Free Coalition was formed to apply for ASSIST funds. WISH (Wisconsin Initiative on Smoking and Health) composed of former members of GASP, worked closely with them, and ASSIST often distributed their propaganda. In Fiscal Year 1996, they had $269,216. Lederle Pharmaceutical provided $3,500 to bring David Goerlitz, the "Winston Man," to speak in schools in Brown, Door, and Shawano Counties, which contributed $200 each for this. In FY 1995, they had $888,992. (Assorted pages from a Freedom of Information Act request. Wisconsin ASSIST Summary.)

Wisconsin Assist Summary / UCSF (pdf, 132 pp)
Wisconsin Assist Summary / UCSF (pdf, 131 pp)

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

"From April 1997 to March 2004, the Wisconsin SmokeLess States® project, with first the Tobacco-Free Wisconsin Coalition and then SmokeFree Wisconsin as the lead organization, conducted statewide activities to reduce tobacco use, particularly among children and youth. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provided $2.3 million for this project under its national program SmokeLess States (ID#s 031383 and 041530). Wisconsin also received a grant from the program's Special Opportunities Grant Fund. Other sources — including the Wisconsin Health Department and the Wisconsin Hospital Association — contributed $1.3 million to support lobbying and other activities; no RWJF funds were used to support lobbying." Program Officers: Karen Gerlach and Michelle Larkin. (National RWJF SmokeLess States(R) Program Helps Wisconsin Decrease Smoking Rates Among Middle and High School Students and Implement Tobacco-Control Efforts. Grant Results, Last Updated: October 2005.)

In contradiction to their lie that "no RWJF funds were used to support lobbying," they boast among their iniquitous "accomplishments" that "Wisconsin increased its cigarette excise tax by 18 cents, from 59 to 77 cents per pack;" "Wisconsin put aside $23.5 million per year in funding for a statewide tobacco control program in 1999, despite a severe state fiscal situation (a $3.2 billion deficit); although these funds were later cut to $10 million per year, this was still the largest expenditure on public health in Wisconsin's history;" "Wisconsin increased the number of smoke-free communities: 19 cities and one county passed smoke-free restaurant ordinances and Madison passed a smoke-free workplace policy and a clean indoor air ordinance;" "Wisconsin passed Youth Access legislation, restricting cigarette vending machines and the 'give-away' of tobacco products to adult-only locations and allowing local communities to raise their tobacco license fees from $5 to $100;" "Wisconsin passed a SmokeFree Dorms bill, which bans smoking in all University of Wisconsin dormitories and residence halls;" and "SmokeFree Wisconsin successfully fended off repeated attempts by the tobacco and restaurant industries to pass preemption legislation."

RWJF says: "From the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s, Wisconsin enacted some of the most progressive tobacco control policies in the nation, including comprehensive clean indoor air laws, the nation's first ban on smoking in public schools and increases in the cigarette excise tax." [This is because the tobacco lobbyists were really covert anti-smokers, whose other activities included establishing the Wisconsin State Medical Society's lobbying division! And, whose relatives comprise the corrupt little cabal behind both Governors Thompson and Doyle!]

RWJF's grants: SmokeFree Wisconsin, American Cancer Society, Wisconsin Division, $900,000 for April 1997 to February 2001 (ID# 031383); SmokeFree Wisconsin, Maureen Busalacchi (Madison, WI), $1,500,000 for March 2001 to April 2004 (ID# 041530).

Other Cash and In-Kind Contributors to the Wisconsin SmokeLess States Project: Cash Contributions: American Cancer Society – $614,560; Research and Sponsored Programs, University of Wisconsin-Madison – $225,000; American Heart Association – $45,000; American Lung Association – $150,000; Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids – $80,000; Wisconsin Department of Public Health – $170,000; Wisconsin Hospital Association – $20,000; Wisconsin Public Health Association – $1,500; Wisconsin Medical Society – $1,500; Wisconsin Nurses Association – $1,500. In-Kind Contributions: American Cancer Society, Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, Wisconsin Hospital Association, Wisconsin Medical Society, Wisconsin Public Health Association.

Wisconsin SmokeLess States / Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Current (2007) Wisconsin anti-tobacco grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation include $99,988 to Amy Williamson, and $400,000 To Michael C. Fiore, both at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

RWJF Anti-Tobacco Grants

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