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RWJF connections since at least 1975

IOM Roundtable

Institute of Medicine Roundtable meetings in 1995 and 1996 were a summit for members of the health fascist organizations and government agencies, from which their report "Healthy Communities: New Partnerships for the Future of Public Health" was concocted. They were funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Kellogg Foundation. Members included Margaret A. Hamburg, Jo Ivey Boufford, Nancy Kaufman of RWJF, Roz Lasker, and William L. Roper. David Satcher and Kenneth I. Shine attended.

IOM Roundtable / Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Marketing David Satcher - No "Truth in Advertising"

Surgeon General David Satcher has been peddled to the public as a "medical geneticist" and a "family physician." However, nothing seems to have been published with his name on it on the subject of genetics, and if he was ever an actual practicing family physician it must have been only in the early years of his career.

Satcher / PubMed
Satcher official biography /

AAFP, AMA and NMA lobby for Satcher's confirmation

More PR to pawn Satcher off as a supposed "family physician" rather than an administrator.

News release / AAFP Oct 7, 1997

Confirmation hearing, Oct 8, 1997

At the confirmation hearing for Satcher's appointment as Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General, Senate Labor Committee: "Whether we are talking about smoking or poor diets, I want to send the message of good health to the American people." This is the message of standard health fascist drivel.

Confirmation hearing / US Senate

Response to question from Sen. Dan Coats, "Please explain your role as a member of the Clinton Care Task Force:" "When I served as President of Meharry College, I was appointed by President Reagan to participate on the Council of Graduate Medical Education (COGME) and was later asked by President Bush to chair COGME. During my chairmanship of COGME, we published three reports on graduate medical education. Because of my work with COGME, I was asked to chair the Health Manpower Needs group on the Clinton Health Care Task Force. I co-chaired this group with Steve Schroeder, President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Our group analyzed medical education manpower and distribution needs. I also participated in discussions on the role of academic health centers." The so-called Clinton Health Care Task was really initiated by the Lasker forces, of course.

Response to questions at confirmation hearing / US Senate

"Former Clinical Scholar Named US Surgeon General" - RWJF

From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation newsletter, "Advances," 1998 Issue 2: "David Satcher, MD, PhD, a member of the first class of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program in 1975, was confirmed by the US Senate in February as surgeon general and assistant secretary for health." Also in this issue: "Karen Gerlach, PhD, MPH, joined RWJF staff as a program officer in March. She comes to the Foundation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office on Smoking and Health in Atlanta."

Satcher story / RWJF Advances 1998 (pdf)

Neil Campbell interviews David Satcher

NC - "As your vision grew, you made the transition to health science administration at some point. What motivated that? DS - It really started back when I went out to Los Angeles to King-Drew in 1972... I pulled people together from throughout the institution - basic scientists as well as clinicians - to get our first major grant for the Sickle Cell Research Center. Within a few months, I was asked to become director of the center, which meant that I had a major administrative responsibility, not just a scientific or medical one..." One of the surest ways to 'pull people together' is to have connections to money. And one of the facts of medical and scientific life is that those who are no good at these things get kicked upstairs to become administrators.

Neil Campbell interviews Satcher

NCI Monograph 10

The so-called NCI Monograph 10, "Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke," is really just Stanton Glantz's fraudulent California EPA ETS report with a preface by David Satcher. The authors of this report ignored the evidence of confounding by infection which I submitted to them during the public comment period in 1997, and subsequently published a fraudulent account of those public comments as well. However, they cannot change the fact that this evidence existed and they should have been aware of it. The same goes for Surgeon General David Satcher, who flagrantly lies that the California EPA used "the most up-to-date information available." This corrupt report is widely used as a justification for smoking bans and to defame and intimidate smokers with false accusations that they are harming the health of others.

Satcher preface to NCI Monograph 10 / National Cancer Institute (pdf)

Medicine & Public Health

Medicine & Public Health Initiative National Committee Members List, as of Sep. 28, 1999. The National Committee includes William H. Foege, Jeffrey P. Koplan, Roz D. Lasker, Philip R. Lee, and David Satcher. [dead link]

Johnson & Johnson

Satcher joined the board of directors of the Johnson & Johnson Co. in 2002.

RAND Health Advisory Board

Satcher was a member of the Health Advisory Board of the RAND Corporation, May 2003. Other members included former Rep. John E. Porter; longtime president of the Institute of Medicine and RAND Trustee Kenneth I. Shine; and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Trustee and collaborator in Roz Lasker's "Medicine and Public Health," Gail L. Warden.

Health Advisory Board / RAND Corporation

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