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NIH Director 1982-89; crony of the Lasker Foundation's Purnell W. Choppin; Emeritus Board Member of Research!America; and former Executive Committee member of Funding First

Wyngaarden CV includes National Heart Institute of NIH 1952-53; National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases Diseases 1953-54; NIH 1954-56; various periods at George Washington University; Duke University; Institut de Biologie-Physiochemique (Paris); and the University of Pennsylvania, before becoming NIH Director from 1982-89; Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President 1989-90 [Bush #1 Administration]; National Academy of Sciences 1990-94. Also President's Science Advisory Committee 1972 [Ford Administration]; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London, 1984; Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden, 1984; directorships of Marion Merrill Dow Corp. 1990-95, and other companies; and Washington Advisory Group. He is on the Board of Advisors of the Institute of Human Virology of the University of Maryland, which pretends to be concerned with "chronic viral diseases and virally linked cancers," but is really only concerned with HIV, the AIDS virus, because that's where the Syndicate pours its money.

Wyngaarden / Institute of Human Virology
Board of Directors / Research!America
Press Release 1997, Funding First / Lasker Foundation
Leadership Team, Funding First / Lasker Foundation

Wyngaarden was a member of the National Academy of Sciences 1975 Committee on a Study of National Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Personnel. The committee was chaired by Robert J. Glaser, now a director of the Lasker Foundation, and included John J. Burns, a Trustee of the Naylor Dana Institute of the American Health Foundation between 1975 and 1981; and Julius H. Comroe Jr., a member of the Council for Tobacco Research (aka the CTR) from 1954 to 1960. The Panel on Basic Biomedical Sciences included current Lasker Foundation director Daniel L. Koshland.

National Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Personnel / National Academy Press 1975

Mary Lasker was on NIH director James Wyngaarden's advisory board during the 1980s, lobbying for separate institutes for arthritis and diabetes. (Information from Noble Conspirator. Florence S. Mahoney and the Rise of the National Institutes of Health. By Judith Robinson, The Francis Press, 2001.)

Robert Gallo, Director of the Institute for Human Virology, speaks about the Institute's formation. (Oral history interview, "In their own words. NIH researchers recall the early years of AIDS; by Dr. Victoria A. Harden and Dennis Rodrigues of the NIH Historical Office, June 8, 1995, p. 18.)

Gallo oral history / NIH 1995 (pdf, 26pp)

UICC International Cancer Congress, Budapest, Aug. 21-27, 1986: "At a press conference, James Wyngaarden, director of the National Institutes of Health, hailed the renewal of active collaboration. He also said that an area of active concern between the US and the Soviet Union was the increase in smoking by youths and their increased use of smokeless tobacco products. He said the incidence of mouth cancer was rising in the US and that a similar situation existed in Russia. Somewhat similar comments about tobacco were made by Russia's chief representative, Nikolai Blokhin, president of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences." (Memorandum from Hilda and Leonard Zahn to Robert F. Gertenbach, Oct. 22, 1986.) Other major anti-smoking figures included Nigel Gray, Ruchard Doll, Richard Peto, Takeshi Hirayama, Dimitri Trichopoulos, Judith McKay of the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society, E. Kjell Bjartveit ("architect of Norway's anti-smoking program"), D. David Simpson of Britain's ASH, and R. Lee Clark (who arranged for the telecasts).

UICC International Cancer Congress, 1986 / UCSF-Legacy

The gigantic Human Genome Project boondoggle was begun during Wyngaarden's tenure as Director of the National Institutes of Health. (Origins of the Human Genome Project. Robert Mullen Cook-Deegan; and: The Genesis of the Human Gene Project, by Anne G.K. Solomon.)

Cook-Deegan / FPLC
Solomon / Center for Strategic and International Studies
National Human Genome Research Institute / NHGRI

Members of the Secretary's Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in 1989 included anti-smoking warhorses Theodore Cooper, former Director of the National Heart and Lung Institute, later CEO of Upjohn; former Assistant Secretary for Health Philip R. Lee; former Surgeon General Julius B. Richmond; Alan W. Cross, Skull & Bones 1966; and Robert Rodale, Chairman of Rodale Press.

Secretary's Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, 1989 / UCSF-Legacy

James B. Wyngaarden and Frank Press accused Soviet dissident Igor Shafarevich of "anti-Semitic writings" and of using his position to "interfere with the careers of young Jewish mathematicians" (when in fact Shafarevich himself had until recently been excluded from any part in decision-making at the Russian Academy of Sciences). It's a clear attempt to impose the atmosphere of PC intimidation that suffocates the United States. (Opinion, by Igor Shafarevich. The Scientist 1992 Dec 7;6(24):0.)

Shafarevich / The Scientist 1992 (registration required)

1998 Duke University Distinguisghed Faculty Award: "He initiated the Howard Hughes Medical Institute program at Duke and other medical schools as a member of the HHMI scientific advisory committee." (Medical Alumni Association Honors Eight. Duke University Medical Alumni News Fall 1998.)

Duke University Medical Alumni News Fall 1998

Wyngaarden is on the Board of Directors of Human Genome Sciences, Inc., along with Alan G. Spoon, former President and Chief Operating Officer of The Washington Post Company. Naturally, the Washington Post's puff piece on William A. Haseltine, Chairman and CEO of HGS, is just a coincidence. (Mr. Green Genes, by Linton Weeks 1998 Feb. 17.)

Board of Directors / Human Genome Sciences
Weeks / Washington Post 1998

Other directors include Laura D'Andrea Tyson, a former Clinton economic advisor who is on the advisory board of EM Warburg Pincus & Co.; and Richard J. Danzig, who is also on the board of Public Agenda (John Brademas, Vernon Loucks, Newton Minow, and Harold Brown), and the Partnership for Public Service (with Patricia McGinnis and Henry Waxman).

Human Genome Sciences 2003 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

"The Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Award Program is overseen by a Scientific Advisory Council chaired by James B. Wyngaarden, former director of the National Institutes of Health... With approximately $1.4 billion in assets, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is among the largest philanthropies in the United States."

The 1998 Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Award Program / Doris Duke Charitable Foundation


Wyngaarden has been on the Board of Directors of Hybridon since 1990, was elected Vice Chairman in 1997 and Chairman in 2000. Freepers have discovered that a Yahia bin Laden owns 13.52% of the company, and that "Camille Chebeir, President of Sedco Services, Inc which manages the investments of the Bin Mahfouz family of Saudi [Arabia], is on the Board of Directors." Mahfouz is thought to be one of the funders of Osama bin Laden.

Re bin Ladens & Hybridon / Free Republic
Hybridon 1997 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
Press release, 2000 / Hybridon
Hybridon 2002 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission


Wyngaarden is on the Technology Advisory Council of BIOMEC.

Technology Advisory Council / BIOMEC

Magainin / Genaera Corp.

Wyngaarden has been on the board of directors of Magainin Pharmaceuticals Inc. (which was renamed Genaera Corp. in 2001) since Sep. 1996. Charles A. Sanders, a director from 1996 until 2003, is the former general director of Massachusetts General Hospital, an emeritus trustee of Research!America, a trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a principal of the Washington Advisory Group, and a director of a multitude of other companies and other organizations. The State of Wisconson Investment Board has owned a large percentage of the company's stock between 1999 and 2003. The company makes drugs for asthma and obesity.

Board of Directors / Magainin
Management / Genaera
Genaera Corp. 2002 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
Genaera Corp. 2003 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

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